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Posted On August 19, 2019 Philadelphia PA

Please Touch Museum

Childhood memories are created through games, and they help a child to discover their different abilities. Please, Touch Museum is one of the famous and old centers still offering various children activities. The Three decades old Museum has developed to be one of the best museums in Philadelphia. It aims at enriching the lives of kids between the age of 1-7 years. The Museum allows them to learn hands-on skills by engaging in different activities.

It’s situated at the Memorial Hall- Which is a National Historic Landmark. It began in the year 1976, and Portia Sperr was the brains behind the Museum. There are a lot of resources which students can use to learn and become amazing at their hands-on skills. There are different programs and events that the kids can engage in to help boost their creativity.

The programs are based on a 4C strategic plan which focuses on relevant themes. The 4C’s are:

– Critical thinking: Through engaging in the activities, children can expand their understanding capabilities.

– Creativity: Children engage in activities that generate a spark of curiosity. It makes the kids more creative and encourages them to explore more.

– Communication: Through these activities, kids can understand different verbal and non-verbal languages. They can easily connect ideas through dialogue.

– Collaboration: Both parents and kids can interact in various activities. They can help in building their social learning capabilities. Kids will learn how to communicate and play.

Things You Can Do At The Museum.


– Discovery Zone.

Kids of all ages can indulge in this activity under the guidance of a caretaker. The monthly event is hosted on various locations at Please Touch Museum. Kids should locate the different items hidden for them to discover during their playtime.

– Strolling Puppet Tour.

Kids beyond the age of four years can take a stroll with puppets under the guidance of a caretaker. The kid-friendly activity involves a tour around the Museum with puppets. Kids can go through the different exhibitions before choosing what they want to play.

– Program Room.

The program room allows both kids and adults to participate. Under the guidance of a caretaker, kids can work using different materials to create various works of art. The tour around the Museum inspires all the ideas.

– Tot Spot.

Kids between the age of two to three can join a caretaker in singing and playing. The activity sessions are designed to offer the kids time to hone their cognitive skills. The young kids have the space to strengthen their learning skills.

– Innovate + Imagine.

Any child above four years can use their curiosity on wooden planks, ropes, and wheels. They can work together in groups to come up with impressive creations. A caretaker guides the kids through the whole process.

– Storytime.

Its time to build literacy skills! All the kids, despite their ages, can get comfortable and listen to stories and also sing songs. A caretaker is in charge of the activity to help build the literacy skills of the kids.

– Outdoor Adventures.

Kids of different ages can get involved in various outdoor activities with the help and care of a guardian. Outdoor activities can be self-guided or controlled. The outdoor activities in the garden offer different experiences. Some of the standard programs are water and natural events.

– Strolling Science Lab.

This is the best part to identify a kids scientific interest. The Science lab allows kids above the age of three to conduct science investigations under the watch of a caretaker. They can learn about the different mysteries around us.

– Adventurous Afternoon.

The 30-minutes long adventure carried out by kids above four years aim at sparking scientific curiosity. Through the 30-minutes experience, they can observe nature and also ask questions related to the environment.

– Drop-In + Draw.

This activity is for children above four years, and they work under the guidance of a caretaker. They are allowed to practice and perfect their drawing skills on a piece of paper.

– Tinker Time.

All kids can get creative by exploring different materials and tools. The technology activities are open-ended to inspire young ones. They play under the watchful eye of an adult caretaker.

– Music + Dance.

All kids can meet at the torch and do a final stretch for the day. They can wiggle and stretch their bodies at the end of a busy day.


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After 0.3 Miles, you can turn left and join Sweetbriar Drive. At the end of the lane, you can take a right turn on to Martin Luther King Jr Drive. Connect to the State Route 3014 and turn onto the N 24th Street. You can merge on I-676 and use the right lane to join the exit heading to Central Phila. It connects you to N15th Street and turns slightly onto S Penn Square. You can use the right two lanes to turn on S Broad Street. After 0.1 miles, turn right and join Sansom Street, our offices are on the right side of the street.