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MRSA Lawsuits Due to Medical Malpractice

New Jersey Medical Malpractice LawyersNo one wants to go to the hospital, but sometimes our health requires it. Whether we’re being admitted for a surface wound or a serious surgery, something may be lurking in the halls that every patient deserves to know about, and every hospital should be taking steps to prevent.

MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is one of the most aggressive and potentially life-threatening types of bacteria that a patient can contract, and it is generally preventable. Too often, hospital staff fails to take the necessary proactive measures to prevent the spread of the bacteria, which can lead to deadly infections.

You deserved to enter a hospital that was clean and properly run. If you’re suffering because health professionals were careless, you need to pursue deserved compensation and make them answer for their negligence. Console & Associates P.C.,s MRSA and hospital negligence attorneys in New Jersey can fight for you and hold the facility accountable.

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What Are the Signs of MRSA?

MRSA is spread when the bacteria come into contact with an open wound or mucous membrane (including the mouth, eyes, and nose), and it is extremely resistant to antibiotics, according to the Mayo Clinic. The first symptoms of an MRSA infection are small red bumps that resemble pimples or spider bites but quickly turn into deep, painful blisters.

Although anyone can contract MRSA, the Mayo Clinic notes a few scenarios can significantly increase your risk:

  • Residing in a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home.
  • Being an older adult or having a weakened immune system.
  • Having an invasive medical device, such as tubing.

Most people are nervous when they go to the hospital for any kind of procedure. It’s natural to think of all the things that could go wrong: will the treatment go as planned? Will the recovery be painful, and how long will it take? Can I get back to work in time to help pay for any medical bills my insurance doesn’t cover?

Yet, you can’t prepare yourself for an infection from MRSA. It’s not one of the possible risks the doctor warned you about. If you’ve contracted MRSA, you have every right to be angry with the hospital staff responsible for this unforeseen, life-threatening catastrophe.

You also have the right to seek compensation for the pain and suffering the hospital could have prevented but didn’t.

Patients with invasive tubing, like those on a ventilator, are at a greater risk of contracting MRSA, and health care workers should be particularly vigilant about the cleanliness of their devices.

What Should Hospitals Be Doing to Prevent the Spread of MRSA?

As MRSA is very difficult to treat, it can quickly cause severe infection throughout your body, including in your:

  • Bloodstream
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Bones
  • Joints

Amputation may be required to prevent spreading, and in some cases, the infection can be fatal. The fact that MRSA is so serious, and so well-known, makes a hospital’s lack of safety measures even more alarming. You’re put at risk when basic steps such as the following aren’t carried out:

  • Screening incoming patients for the infection.
  • Using properly sterilized medical tools at all times and never using the same tools to treat multiple patients.
  • Washing hands thoroughly and often.
  • Closing surgical sites correctly and keeping the dressings clean.

We Are Your Legal Team

Hospitals can have large teams of experienced attorneys. Console & Associates P.C. understands that filing a claim against a healthcare facility can be intimidating, but our clients can rest assured knowing they have aggressive and knowledgeable lawyers fighting on their behalf.

If you or a family member has been harmed, or passed away, because of a hospital’s failure to adhere to basic hygienic procedures, our New Jersey MRSA and hospital negligence lawyers are here for a free case evaluation. Contact our firm today at (215) 225-2040.

When your very life is put on the line, the hospital needs to realize their carelessness is unacceptable, and they need to be forced to compensate you fairly.

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If you contracted MRSA because a hospital was negligent, contact our NJ medical malpractice attorneys today. We’ve helped thousands of victims receive fair compensation.

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