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Philadelphia Train Accident Lawyers


The damage from a train accident can be catastrophic. Hundreds of people suffer life-altering, even life-threatening injuries in a matter of seconds. Unsuspecting passengers are at the mercy of train engineers and century-old infrastructure, unable to do anything but watch helplessly and hope to survive.

Whether you suffered injuries yourself in the wreck or lost someone you love, this accident has changed your life forever. You deserve accountability for the pain you have been through and compensation for the financial hardships this disaster has caused your family. You have questions that need answers and problems that need solving. Call (215) 225-2040 today, and let Console and Associates’ dedicated Philadelphia personal injury attorneys handle this difficult situation for you.

Amtrak Train Derailment in Philadelphia, May 2015

A train accident that kills or hurts even one person is sad enough, but one the kills several and leaves hundreds of wounded is a catastrophe. One of the worst train accidents in recent history happened in Philadelphia when Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed in a residential Port Richmond neighborhood on May 12, 2015. More than 200 people suffered injuries, and seven were confirmed dead within 24 hours. Early investigations have focused on the speed of the train as a potential cause of the tragedy, with sources reporting that the train was allegedly driving more than 100 miles per hour on a curve where the speed limit was just 50 mph.

No matter what cause investigators ultimately discover, what’s clear is that the passengers on the train did nothing wrong. They share no fault in the wreck, but their lives changed instantly and permanently because of it. That’s not fair.

While nothing can undo the horrific damage, legal action can help victims and families hold those who caused the accident accountable and maybe even deter future reckless behavior. A claim for compensation can ease the financial hardship because the last thing anyone needs at a time like this is to have to worry about money for medical bills, final arrangements, or a temporary or permanent loss of income.

Getting Help for Your Claim

You’re going through a lot right now, but you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of a train wreck alone. Just as medical professionals work to treat your injuries, our Philadelphia train accident attorneys can help you protect your legal rights. We’ll fight to get you the justice that can bring your family closure and the compensation that can preserve your financial well-being. With the Console and Associates No Fee Promise, you don’t have to worry about the burden of another expense or about the stress of managing everything on your own. Call (215) 225-2040 today, and let us stand up for your rights.

FAQ’s Regarding Train Accidents

What Do I Do After a Train Accident?

Your very first priority after a train accident must be to get the help you need. For injured victims, this help includes:

  • Immediate medical care: If you suffered obvious injuries in the train wreck, you have likely already seen a doctor at an emergency room or other facilities. Perhaps EMTs or paramedics examined you at the scene. If you thought you were unhurt at the time but have started to develop pain since the accident occurred, see a doctor now before any more time passes.
  • Follow up care: Even if hospital physicians treated and released you, it’s important to make your follow up care a priority. Whether you’re returning to your family doctor or searching for specialists in unfamiliar fields, ongoing medical treatment can help you achieve the best possible recovery.

If you lost a loved one in the accident, you might feel overwhelmed by the things you have to deal with and the tasks you have to do, all in the midst of your grief. The unexpected nature of death can make a difficult process made even harder.

Both injured victims and the families of the deceased need another kind of help as they try to move forward with their lives: legal help. An experienced train accident lawyer can uncover the cause of the wreck, hold that at-fault party accountable, and pursue compensation from that party for your damages, economic and otherwise.

Who Is Responsible for My Train Accident?

Every train accident is different, so it will take a thorough investigation to understand what happened and who is at fault. Transportation authorities will often investigate a serious accident, but your attorney will also research what happened and who caused the wreck.

Sometimes a negligent engineer allows a train to speed out of control and eventually overturn. Other times, safety systems fail, or poorly maintained infrastructure and locomotives result in a crash or derailment. Communication mistakes cause some train wrecks, and motor vehicles stopped on the tracks lead to others.

Whatever the cause of your train accident, we will get to the bottom of it. We will help you understand how the disaster happened and hold whoever caused it accountable. What’s clear is that you personally share none of the blame for the wreck. You deserve closure, and that means understanding why this happened and seeking justice.

What Rights Do I Have After a Train Accident?

Railroad services like Amtrak and the train engineers they employ have a responsibility to their passengers. Their job is to get passengers safely to their destinations, an outcome which obviously doesn’t happen when a catastrophic train accident occurs. When you or your loved one stepped on board, you had every right to expect a safe ride. Instead, you experienced a trauma that changed your family’s life. You still have rights, but now you need the help of an experienced legal team to protect and exercise those rights.

You have the right to hold the party that caused the accident accountable for the harm it has caused. You also have the right to monetary compensation for the damages you suffered as a result of this wreck.

Your economic damages can range from medical bills to the cost of final arrangements. If injuries caused you to miss work or if a death robbed your family of income it depended on, you might seek compensation for these lost wages.

Then there are what we call non-economic damages, like pain and suffering or loss of a loved one’s companionship. These damages are hard to put a dollar amount on since your health and enjoyment of your loved one are priceless, but they’re among the most significant losses you experience after an accident, and they certainly deserve recognition and compensation.

You have legal rights after an accident, but don’t expect the at-fault party to give you what you deserve simply. Railway services and their insurers care about the bottom line, and every dollar of compensation they give you takes away from their profits, no matter how clearly you deserve it. That’s why you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you in your claim, to handle the case for you and seek the maximum amount of compensation possible for your damages.

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