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Cherry Hill Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Cherry Hill Motorcycle LawyerGetting into a motorcycle accident is every rider’s worst nightmare. If this becomes your reality, act quickly to protect your right to compensation. Winning an award from an insurance company or at-fault party could help you get your life back on track with the funding you need to pay for things such as medical expenses and motorcycle repairs. Speak to a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyer from Console & Associates P.C. as soon as possible for a free consultation about your case. Call (856) 778-5500 today.

Why Clients Trust Us

  • We have spent years building our reputation as leaders in personal injury law throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • We boast more than 25 years in the business, helping over 6,000 clients recover for their injuries.
  • We use a contingency fee payment system, meaning no attorney’s fees unless we win your motorcycle accident case.

When to Contact an Attorney

A serious motorcycle accident can derail your life, taking you out of work and causing short- or long-term disabilities. It may take a personal injury lawyer to convince an insurance company to pay you what you deserve for life-changing injuries. Without an attorney, you might settle for less than you would otherwise get. After hiring an attorney, however, you may have the negotiating powers to convince an insurer to offer more. The right lawyer can do a lot for your personal injury claim, including taking it to court if that is necessary for fair compensation.

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents in Cherry Hill?

Most motorcyclists never imagine they will get into accidents in Cherry Hill. They are safe and prudent operators who know their responsibilities on the road. They may overestimate, however, the safety of their peers. You could get into a catastrophic motorcycle collision if another vehicle driver neglects his or her duties of care. Driver negligence, recklessness or inattentiveness behind the wheel could lead to a terrible accident.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents in the area are defective bike parts and dangerous roadways, such as roads with potholes. In the state of New Jersey in 2018, 54 motorcyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents. Twenty-eight driver fatalities (motorcyclists and motor vehicle drivers alike) occurred in Camden County. Avoiding a motorcycle accident in Cherry Hill might not be possible with negligent drivers on the road.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Wreck

Try to remain calm and do not yell at the motor vehicle driver after a motorcycle accident. Do not apologize or admit fault, either. Interact with the other driver only on an as-needed basis. Get the other driver’s name, contact information and vehicle registration number. Call the police to report the motorcycle crash and request an ambulance, if necessary. You must report collisions to the police in New Jersey if they cause injuries, deaths or $500 or more in property damages.

While still at the scene, start getting information about your accident, if possible. Collect evidence to use during your claim later. This may include photographs of your damaged bike and your injuries, the names of eyewitnesses, video surveillance footage from nearby businesses, and a police report number. Then, get prompt medical attention for your injuries. Call an attorney to review your rights as soon as you can.

Contact a Cherry Hill Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

A successful motorcycle claim could lead to compensation for your injuries and damages after a crash in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A lawyer from Console & Associates P.C. can help you bring the at-fault party to justice during an insurance claim and/or personal injury lawsuit. Whether you qualify for benefits through your insurance provider or another party is liable for your damages, we can help you negotiate for fair compensation. Schedule a free consultation today online or at (856) 778-5500.

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