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Burlington County Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death is a grave tragedy no family should have to endure. Sadly, broken laws and acts of negligence lead to preventable deaths every day. Unintentional injury deaths can happen in car accidents, falls, workplace accidents, construction zones and hospitals due to the negligence of others. At Console & Associates PC, we help families in Burlington County bring at-fault parties to justice for wrongful death. Discuss your wrongful death case in more detail during a free consultation. Call (856) 778-5500 today.

Why Choose Our Wrongful Death Lawyers?

  • We are dedicated to helping those in need in New Jersey through high-quality legal representation.
  • We have more than 25 years of personal injury and wrongful death experience.
  • We are proud to have won more than $100 million on behalf of clients.
  • We use smart, proven and personalized legal strategies for top results.
  • We represent families in Burlington County on a contingency fee basis.

How Can a Wrongful Death Lawyer Improve Your Case?

Unless you have a legal background, you may not fully understand New Jersey’s wrongful death laws or how they apply to your case. You might settle your loved one’s wrongful death claim for much less than it is worth if you only listen to an insurance claims adjuster. Working with a trusted lawyer, on the other hand, will give you honest information about your case and its true value. A Burlington County personal injury lawyer representing you during claim negotiations could lead to a better compensatory award for your family’s past and future damages. The right lawyer can also help your family grieve, heal and find solace after a death in the family.

What Is Wrongful Death?

For a death to count as wrongful in New Jersey, it must meet the state’s legal definition. In New Jersey, wrongful death is a death the neglect, default or wrongful act of another person caused. Wrongful death in terms of the law is a claim against one or more parties to hold them accountable for a preventable fatal injury. A wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for economic and noneconomic damages the family has due to the unexpected loss.

In New Jersey, a surviving family member or a personal representative of the deceased person’s estate may bring a wrongful death claim. In most cases, a representative or executor brings the claim on behalf of surviving dependents. Any compensation won will get distributed among a surviving spouse, children, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and anyone else who was financially dependent on the decedent. A claimant has a maximum of two years from the date of the loved one’s death to file a wrongful death lawsuit in New Jersey.

Why You Should Bring a Claim

  • If you believe someone else is responsible for the death of your loved one, do not accept your loss without a fight. Holding the correct party accountable could call for change on an institutional level. Your lawsuit may force the defendant to change policies or protocols in the future, potentially saving others from the same fate as your relative. It could also lead to financial compensation that could help your family get through this difficult time.Loss of wages and financial support
  • Property damage repairs and out-of-pocket costs
  • Reasonable medical and health care costs
  • Value of household services
  • Loss of love, companionship and guidance
  • Funeral and burial expenses

You cannot seek recovery for emotional distress or punitive damages during a wrongful death claim in New Jersey. You may be able to file a separate claim for pain and suffering, however, if you were present at the time of your loved one’s fatal injury and have severe emotional distress as a result.

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Find out if you have grounds for a claim today, and what it might be worth, during a free consultation with our Burlington County wrongful death lawyers. We will not charge you anything for legal representation unless we are successful in winning your family a compensatory award. Call (856) 778-5500 or contact us online today.

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