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Potential Dangers of Ninja Blenders Revealed as Consumers Voice Concerns

Ninja Blender ClaimsBlenders like the Ninja have gained massive popularity in the last few years and can be seen in many kitchens. Unfortunately, they come with some inherent risks. On top of the typical risks associated with blenders, numerous individuals have raised worries regarding faulty Ninja blenders and the potential for severe injury that these products may pose.

As previously discussed, companies that create, make, or market products that are faulty, dangerous, or otherwise not up to safety standards may be held accountable for any injuries caused by such products. Individuals who have been injured by such a product may have a right to legal action according to applicable product liability regulations. Contact our personal injury lawyers at 866-778-5500 or complete our online form to learn what your legal options are.

Are Ninja Blenders Dangerous?

Blenders are risky to use by nature due to their fast-turning blades, which are generally intended for blending, smashing, grating, and chopping different food items. Nevertheless, some blenders can be riskier than others, particularly those with faulty components.

Many businesses overlook the fact that their blenders have certain restrictions, which can make users more susceptible to injury. Blending something frozen, like frozen foods or ice cubes, can result in the blender container shattering, sending pieces of plastic and glass flying all around. And putting hot liquids into a blender can create pressure and steam inside of it that might result in something like a little explosion when the lid is taken off.

SharkNinja, who manufactures the Ninja Blenders, had to do several recalls years ago. The company is once again being accused of having faulty and hazardous blenders. The Ninja blenders have several blades placed at different levels in the blender, which the company boasts results in “total crushing technology” that can cut through many things, including frozen foods and ice.

The potential danger of Ninja’s “total crushing technology” is that the blade assembly is not secured to the canister, which increases the risk of cuts or other injuries, particularly if the pitcher is turned upside-down after it has been used without removing the free-floating blade. Previously, the company had to recall 12 blender models because of more than 50 reports of lacerations. Although any blender can cause harm, most injuries happen when the appliance is washed. But the potential issue with Ninja blenders is more severe, with consumers claiming to be injured by detached blade pieces while the blender runs.

Does SharkNinja Know How Dangerous The Ninja Blender Is?

SharkNinja has responded to claims of dangers, defects, and injuries associated with their Ninja blenders by saying that such occurrences are uncommon. They further explain that most cases reported were caused by the user’s failure to follow the directions and warnings that were provided. However, some consumers have stated that their blenders exploded after only being used for a short time.

In addition, the company displays an alarming level of inconsistency as they warn against placing hot liquids in their blending containers; however, until recently, the recipe books that came with the product featured recipes for hot soup and coffee. Furthermore, there is an issue of consumer awareness, since many people who own Ninja blenders may not be aware of the potential risks.

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Risks of Using a Ninja Blender

Companies should alert consumers to the potential risks associated with their blenders, as well as provide clear instructions on how to safely use, maintain, and clean the product. Also, proper safety protocols must be observed to ensure the appliance does not cause injury. Although some blenders contain elements that cannot be completely avoided, manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that users understand the potential hazards and take appropriate precautions.

Some injuries reported by consumers using the Ninja blender are that they exploded and sent broken plastic flying around or that the canisters have flown off of their base suddenly. These incidents have resulted in serious injuries, including:

  • Cuts to hands, arms, faces, and torso caused by the blades becoming detached;
  • Severe scalding and scarring due to explosions when liquids are too hot in the blender; and
  • Damage to teeth resulting from the blender’s base suddenly flying off.

The potential for severe harm from using a Ninja blender is very real and should not be taken lightly. Permanent disfigurement, long-term disability, and even death are all possible outcomes from an injury caused by the product. It is essential for consumers to be aware of the risks associated with the appliance and to know their rights in the event of an injury.

What Can Someone Do If They Have Been Injured By A Defective Ninja Blender?

No Fee PromiseIt is possible for those who have been injured by a Ninja blender to potentially have a product liability claim against the manufacturer, SharkNinja. Consumers may be able to take legal action against SharkNinja, depending on if the product allegedly had a design, manufacturing, or marketing flaw.

In product liability claims against kitchen device manufacturers, it must be demonstrated that the company’s actions or failure to act were the direct or immediate cause of the harm or loss they suffered. This typically includes allegations that the company was aware of the product’s defects or the potential for unreasonable danger but chose to prioritize financial gain over consumer safety.

In terms of Ninja blenders, a consumer may be able to make a valid argument if they can prove that the blenders are unsafe due to their sharp and powerful blades, which have been known to unexpectedly burst apart when being used as directed. To make a successful case, it needs to be established that a reasonable person would not expect the blender to separate or burst and that they would not be able to detect or stop the hazardous incident.

SharkNinja and other such organizations are motivated financially to reject these accusations. This is why they enlist the assistance of experienced lawyers to battle any lawsuits filed against the company, attempting to stay clear of culpability regardless of the price. If customers think they have a legitimate product liability case against SharkNinja or any other producer, it is recommended that they seek advice from a personal injury attorney to come up with an effective plan for reparation.

At Console & Associates, P.C. our personal injury lawyers are currently investigating Ninja blender injury claims. If you were injured as a result of using your Ninja blender, give us a call at 866-778-5500 or complete our online form to learn your legal options.

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