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New Jersey Hit & Run Accident Attorneys

Pennsylvania driving crimeIn New Jersey, hit and run car accidents happen more than you may want to believe. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would flee the scene of a serious crash, leaving you hurt and helpless.

When you’ve been hurt in a hit and run accident, you’ll need help to take back control of your life. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can be your advocates. We’ll make sure you’re able to get medical care, regardless of the cost, along with every dollar of compensation you deserve.

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Can I Sue for a Hit and Run Accident in New Jersey?

It’s possible to sue the perpetrator of a hit and run accident. But whether a hit and run lawsuit will be successful depends on factors like a fault, insurance coverage, and the extent of your damages.

  • We have more than 25 years of experience helping car accident victims.
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  • You will get better: Whether you need help figuring out where to turn for your medical problems or locating a specialist near you, we’re here to help. Getting you fixed and feeling like yourself again is our #1 priority.
  • We go the extra mile to try and get your vehicle repaired and medical bills paid or deferred while you wait for your claim to settle.
  • We care because we know from experience what it’s like to be in a serious accident. We treat every client the way we would expect to be treated.
  • Our No Fee Promise means you pay nothing until we win money for you.

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Compensation for Hit and Run Accident Damages

Although the individual may face criminal charges, it’s typically the driver’s auto insurance company that pays for the hit and run accident’s consequences. Unlike criminal charges, civil claims address the harm that the hit and run victim has suffered and seek to make things right. Pursuing a hit and run accident claim can get you compensation for all of the damages the crash has caused. Of course, to be able to sue the driver who hurt you, that driver must have been at fault for the crash in the first place.

A few of the losses our NJ hit and run lawyers can seek money damages for on your behalf include:

  • The medical expenses you incurred diagnosing and treating your injuries.
  • The income you have missed out on while your injury kept you from working.
  • The loss of future opportunities in your careers and hobbies
  • The cost of future care, if your doctors expect aspects of your injury to be long-term or permanent.
  • The pain and suffering you experienced because of the crash and the medical procedures you had to undergo

Outcomes of Hit and Run Car Accident Cases in New Jersey

Teenager Hurt in Hit and Run Accident

A teenage boy suffered serious fractures to his skull and leg when a station wagon struck him while riding his bike to a friend’s house. The driver, who fled the scene but was later located, tried to claim that she thought she had hit a deer, though her explanation didn’t explain why she hid her damaged car.

We worked with an accident reconstruction specialist to prove what really happened. The hit and run driver faced jail time for the criminal charges against her, and we got our client the $635,000 settlement that allowed him to make an excellent recovery.

Hit and Run Bus Accident in Warren County

The bus that struck our client from behind on I-80 pushed his car into a guardrail, and concrete barrier then took off.

For months, our client wasn’t able to return to his job as a paramedic due to his serious shoulder injuries. It took nearly a year of medical treatment, including a surgery to repair his torn tendon, for him to achieve the best possible recovery. Even after all that treatment, some consequences of this injury will continue to affect him for the rest of his life. We recovered $120,000 to compensate our client for his damages.

Willingboro, NJ, Hit and Run Bicycle Accident

Skull and leg fractures were among the numerous injuries our 26-year-old client suffered when a driver struck his bicycle and sent him flying. This young man underwent several surgeries, remained in the hospital for three weeks, and was too badly injured to put weight on his wounded leg for months. Then he had to relearn to walk as well as coping with pain throughout his body, memory problems, blackouts, and other medical issues.

The driver who fled the scene, leaving our client severely injured and helpless on the side of the road, finally turned himself in to the police the next day. We recovered a six-figure settlement for the young man who so bravely maintained a positive attitude and sense of humor in the face of his severe injuries.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

What Are My Legal Options After a Hit and Run Car Accident?

Your legal options after a hit and run vehicular accident depend on the unique facts of your situation. If police identify and locate the driver who caused the crash and fled the scene, you can pursue a case against that person. You would be able to seek compensation from his or her auto insurance carrier.

But if that person is never caught, or has no auto insurance, then your right to pursue money damages might depend on your hit and run accident insurance coverage.

The only way to fully understand your legal options is to discuss the specifics of the case with a car accident lawyer in NJ.

What Should I Do After a Hit and Run Accident?

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do after a hit and run accident, you’re not alone. The auto accident claims process can be confusing enough without the added complication of an absent defendant and a criminal investigation. Let us simplify it for you.

  1. Report The Crash
  2. Gather What Evidence You Can
  3. See A Doctor
  4. Call A New Jersey Hit And Run Attorney

Always Report The Accident

In New Jersey, a hit and run accident is a crime. Even if the driver at fault for the accident took off, you should always report a collision to the police. Make sure you provide law enforcement officers with every detail you can remember about the crash, the car, and the driver. Even a seemingly small detail can turn out to be the key to a successful investigation. It’s always in your best interests for the person who hit you to be found so they can face the civil and criminal consequences of their actions.

Gather Evidence

You can’t get the at-fault driver’s information, but it’s still important to gather as much information as you can. Use your phone to take pictures of your car and where you were hit. If someone witnessed the accident, ask them for their contact information and to write down or record what they saw. Memories can fade over time, so you want to get as much information as you can quickly.

See A Doctor

You never want to wait to get medical help after an accident. It’s bad enough that your care was delayed, even a few minutes because the driver who hit you fled the scene instead of calling for help. Don’t take the risk of letting an even longer wait for treatment; make your injuries even worse.

If you don’t have auto insurance yourself, you might not be sure yet who will be responsible for paying for your medical bills. There’s time to figure that out later. What’s important right now is getting the urgent attention your injuries require.

Call a New Jersey Hit and Run Attorney

Don’t make the common mistake of waiting until things get worse to start looking for an attorney. If your injuries are serious, it’s critical that you speak with a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey.

Even if you don’t yet know the identity of the person who hit you, our hit and run accident lawyers in NJ can investigate the accident. We’ll look at the hit and run accident reports and witness statements. We might be able to get help from an expert in accident reconstruction, who can help recreate the events of the crash and provide clues as to what happened.

Through our investigation, we’ll find out what insurance coverage is available, so we can get you every dollar you deserve.

Why Pursue a Hit and Run Accident Lawsuit?

New Jersey Hit and Run Lawyers | Console & Associates P.C.
A hit and run collision can affect your life in countless ways, maybe forever.

You don’t deserve permanent physical limitations, lifelong pain, and long-term financial hardships.

The only way you can protect your family is by fighting for what you do deserve: every dollar of compensation available.

Choosing A Lawyer for Your Hit and Run Case in NJ

The biggest decision you have to make when you pursue a hit and run accident claim is which attorney to hire. We’ve recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in a hit and run accident compensation for victims in situations like yours, and we’ve helped them through problems just like the ones you’re facing right now.

Console and Associates represent accident victims across NJ. We have the experience to handle hit and run accidents from Fort Lee to Willingboro, from Warren County to Camden County, and everywhere in between.

Let our hit and run accident lawyers in New Jersey help you, too. Call (856) 778-5500 and get your case evaluated for free today.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

Types of Hit and Run Accidents

Whether you’re in a car, on a bicycle, or walking, no one is safe from a hit and run accident in New Jersey. But different types of hit and run collisions result in different consequences, like injuries, insurance coverage questions, and other concerns.

Hit and Run Definition

An accident is generally considered to be a hit and run if one party involved in the collision fails to stop and provide information, such as auto insurance policy information, that he or she is legally required to give.

Drivers in New Jersey have an obligation to stop the vehicle in the event of a collision, to render aid if necessary (including calling for help), and to report to the police any accident that involves even minor injury or more than a minimal amount of property damage.

Because fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime, the perpetrator of a hit and run can face both civil consequences (in the form of a personal injury lawsuit) and criminal consequences such as jail time.

Multi-Car Hit and Run Accidents

When you’re in a vehicle yourself, you have a bit more protection from the impact of a crash than you’d have as a pedestrian. But that certainly doesn’t mean your accident wasn’t serious. Every day, people suffer life-altering injuries in collisions with other vehicles.

And instead of helping you, instead of calling 911 to get you medical attention immediately, the other driver sped away. They were so worried about avoiding trouble that they were willing to put your life at risk. It’s hard to imagine any action behind the wheel that could possibly be more selfish.

In addition to the injuries you suffered, you may be worried about the damage to your car and how you’ll get the vehicle fixed. If you’re a passenger rather than the driver, you might not have an auto insurance policy of your own, and in a no-fault state like New Jersey, that can make paying for your medical care after an accident a lot more complicated.

When you’re dealing with a complicated situation like a hit and run vehicle accident, you need someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of car accident claims. Our hit and run accident attorneys in New Jersey handle car accident claims like yours on a daily basis. If anyone can help you sort out your legal options and insurance coverage after a hit and run claim, it’s us.

Any multi-car collision could end with a driver fleeing the scene. Hit and run fender benders, where one vehicle carelessly strikes another from behind and then takes off to avoid the consequences, are especially common.

Bicycle Hit and Run Accidents

Over the years, our New Jersey hit and run accident lawyers have handled multiple cases where a driver struck a cyclist, then fled the scene. In fact, The Wall Street Journal reported that a spike in the number of deaths of cyclists and pedestrians is behind the alarming rise of hit and run deaths.

A bicycle, and even protective gear like a helmet, can offer victims little defense in case of a collision with a car. The injuries victims suffer tend to be very serious, like skull fractures, broken legs, and ruptured eardrums. Cyclists struck by a car often need surgery, intensive care, and weeks to months of rehabilitation, and they may never make a full recovery.

When the driver speeds away from the accident site without so much as stopping to see if the victim is okay, those injuries can be even worse. Waiting longer to get care could mean the difference between life and death. A hit and run accident victim who is left lying on the road may face further danger from approaching vehicles.

To make matters even worse, many bicycles hit and run car crashes involve young people, children, teenagers, college kids. They get struck while riding through the suburbs to visit a friend’s home in broad daylight or biking to school or a part-time evening job.

As a cyclist, you might not realize that you have the right to pursue a claim against the person who struck you. But you have the same legal rights as any other motor vehicle accident victim.

Don’t blame yourself for a hit and run bike accident.

Many cyclists harmed in a hit and run crashes do everything right. They follow traffic safety laws, stay in the bike lane or to the side of the road, and use reflectors and bright clothing to make themselves visible even after dark. It’s the hit and run drivers who are solidly in the wrong, and even if they hadn’t caused the accident, they should have stopped the car, period.

Unfortunately, some hit and run drivers will stoop to any lie to try to justify their outrageous behavior. The defendant in one bicycle hit and run car accident claim we handled attempting to say that she thought she’d struck a deer. But her actions afterward, fleeing the scene when she heard sirens approaching, hiding the car from view, made it clear that this excuse didn’t make sense.

A hit and run driver in another of our cases left behind bloody tire marks and a pool of the victim’s blood on the roadway. Only the next day did that motorist finally turn himself in to the police. And while it’s important that this driver was identified and held responsible, the fact remains that the victim could have died in the time between the crash and when he finally got help.

Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents

Like cyclists, pedestrians are vulnerable to serious injuries when a two-ton motor vehicle strikes them. When the driver flees the scene, they’re often leaving the victim for dead. And you might be surprised how often drivers either never bother to stop at all or try to get away once they see how badly the victim is injured.

Since 2010, state law has required New Jersey drivers to stop whenever a pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety reported. But years after this law came into effect, too many drivers still fail to follow it. And the result is that innocent pedestrians get hurt.

Penalties for a Hit and Run

Fleeing the scene of an accident isn’t just wrong; it’s also illegal. If caught, the person who struck you or your family member may face criminal hit and run accident charges. According to the New Jersey driver’s manual hit and run accidents in NJ that result in a bodily injury or death can lead to penalties such as:

  • Driver’s license suspension, for one year for first-time offenders or permanently for repeat offenders
  • Fines that range from $2,500 to $5,000
  • Possible jail time of up to 180 days (six months)

In some circumstances, motorists can face additional charges, like manslaughter or assault by auto. These charges may be considered crimes of a more serious nature, and they may carry hefty penalties like heavy fines and years of incarceration.

The person who left you injured and alone at the scene of the accident certainly deserves to face the consequences for a serious hit and run offense. But ultimately, none of these criminal penalties will help you personally.

Hit and run accident fines paid to the government won’t help you afford the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical expenses you need to get better. No matter how long the driver spends in jail, your journey toward recovery won’t be any easier. A criminal losing their driver’s license won’t help you get your life back or walk again, go back to work, or live without pain.

Only pursuing a personal injury claim in civil court will accomplish that.

Hit and Run Questions

It’s natural to have questions when you’ve been hurt in a hit and run collision. After all, the process is complicated.

Consider reading the answers below to be your first step toward getting your life back on track.

Do I Have To Pay a Deductible If Involved in a Hit and Run Accident?

Who pays for a hit and run? If you have your own auto insurance policy, your insurance company will be the one responsible for paying for your medical expenses and potentially your auto repairs. But when your insurer pays, you typically have some payment responsibilities, yourself.

  • For medical bills, you’ll have to pay both a deductible and your copays.
  • If you go through your own auto insurance policy to get your car fixed over a hit and run accident, you’ll have to pay the deductible for this, too.

Even though you didn’t cause the crash, even though the other driver did a horrible thing by fleeing the scene, you still get stuck with some of the bills. That’s why it’s important to pursue maximum compensation from a car accident claim. You can seek compensation for both out-of-pocket economic losses and non-economic damages, like the pain and suffering you experienced.

You deserve to get the money necessary to make you whole after the accident, and that’s exactly what our hit and run accident attorneys in New Jersey will fight for.

What Happens If there’s No Insurance for the Hit and Run Accident?

Suppose the driver who caused the crash and fled the scene had no insurance. In that case, you may end up having to pursue a hit and run insurance claim against your own auto insurer. You could do this if you purchased a type of coverage called uninsured motorist (UM) coverage as part of your personal policy.

You might not be sure whether or not you have UM coverage. Or you might not have auto insurance at all if you were a passenger, cyclist, or pedestrian. If you’re worried that you might have a hit and run accident case without insurance coverage, we can help you sort through the information that applies to your case and figure out what options might be available to you.

Getting the answers to basic questions like these can help you figure out what to do next. But if you want actual legal advice on how to handle your accident, an NJ hit and run accident lawyer will need to know more about your situation.

Fortunately, Console and Associates offer completely free consultations, so it costs you nothing to learn more about the legal process and how it can affect your case.

Call (856) 778-5500 today, or fill out our free online form and get help right now for your claim.

Article Reviewed By Richard P Console Jr.

richard-console-featured-imageThis article was professionally reviewed by Richard P Console Jr, an attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Console has more than twenty years of experience practicing personal injury law and successfully resolving vehicle accident claims on behalf of his clients.

“Rick is one of the best around. He truly cares about his clients and works hard to get the best results for their case. He is well respected among his peers and comes highly recommended. If you’re looking for a personal injury or auto accident lawyer, give him a call.” J. Johnston / Client

While this information was reviewed for accuracy, it should not be considered legal advice. Every claim is different. If you are thinking of pursuing a personal injury claim and have a question, contact us directly.

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