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Who’s responsible for an injury that happens on an unsafe property? That’s exactly the question our PA premises liability attorneys will help you answer. Then we’ll fight to get you all of the money you deserve.

Getting compensation for an accident caused by a negligent property owner isn’t easy, but the right lawyer can accomplish it. Making a premises liability case like yours a success requires a commitment to thoroughly investigating the accident and the perseverance to fight for the results you deserve – two of the qualities our law firm makes an important part of our process.

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Premises Liability Defined

Wondering what exactly premises liability is? You’re not alone. The legal term may sound complicated, but the definition of premises liability doesn’t have to be.

Basically, premises liability refers to a property owner’s legal responsibility to maintain the property in a safe manner for guests or customers invited onto the premises.

All property owners – whether businesses or private citizens – have this responsibility.

Basically, these property owners are required by law to make sure the area is free of the kind of hazards that can cause serious injuries like yours.

Premises liability accidents take different forms. Our Pennsylvania premises liability accident attorneys have seen just about any kind of premises case you can imagine during our more than 20 years of practicing law, so we have the experience to handle your claim.

Types of premises liability accidents include:

  • New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyers | Console & Associates P.C.Slips and fall and trip and fall accidents make up the overwhelming majority of premises liability injuries. Falls commonly happen on commercial properties – ranging from retail and grocery stories to hospitals and doctors’ offices. When they happen on private residences, slip and falls fit under the category of homeowners’ claims. Our PA premises liability lawyers will seek compensation from the person’s homeowner’s insurance company, not from them directly.
  • Dog bites. Pennsylvania state law recognizes dogs and other pets as property of the human who owns them. Allowing an aggressive dog on the premises to put visitors, customers, vendors and other guests in danger is a form of negligence.
  • PA-premises-liability-lawyers-3Swimming pool accidents. Drownings and near-drowning incidents are certainly tragic, but they’re not always unavoidable. Homeowners must keep the premises – including swimming pools – safe for any company they invite onto the property. Even at hotels and waterparks, where you may assume some risk by using the pools, a dangerous condition could be the basis for a case against the property owner.
  • Trampoline accidents. Like swimming pools, trampolines can be dangerous. If a residential or commercial property owner’s negligence caused a serious trampoline accident, you may have the right to pursue a claim.
  • PA-premises-liability-lawyers-4Assaults due to inadequate security. Not every act of violence provides the grounds for a successful premises liability case. But you can reasonably expect a property such as a bar or performance venue to have security measures in place to protect you. If those security measures are inadequate and you get hurt as a result, the property owner might be legally responsible.
  • Miscellaneous personal injury accidents. Just like you can’t predict what kind of safety hazards could be lurking unseen on a property you visit, you also can’t predict what types of accidents could result. Even if your accident was complicated, you could still have a case against the careless property owner who caused it.

The injuries a dangerous property can cause can vary widely. So can the ways these accidents happen. But all premises liability cases have a few elements in common:

  • The condition of the property caused or contributed to the accident in some way.
  • The accident caused physical injuries.
  • The property owner’s actions were – as we say in the legal industry – negligent

Premises Liability and Negligence

The success of a premises liability claim hinges on this concept of negligence.

What makes a property owner negligent? Mainly, failing to meet that legal responsibility to keep the property safe.

Pennsylvania state law considers a negligent property owner responsible for the harm that resulted from their careless behavior. But just because the property owner is legally accountable doesn’t mean they will willingly hand over the money you’re entitled to.

Often, property owners will try to deny any responsibility for what happened. They may even try to blame you for the accident.

If you want the full amount of compensation for your injuries, then you’ll need to prove that the property owner was at fault for the accident. Your PA premises liability accident attorneys will do this as they pursue a personal injury claim for you.

Premises Liability Overview

Wondering how your premises liability case will progress? A claim will typically go through three phases: pre-litigation, litigation, and resolution.

Every claim is different. Once our premises liability attorneys in PA know the facts of your case, we can explain in more detail what to expect for your claim.

Premises Liability Examples

Premises liability claims are complicated. How do you know if your claim has the potential to be successful?

For one thing, you look at examples of other premises liability claims that have gotten results. You also need to choose the right lawyer for the case.

Pharmaceutical lawsuit settlements and fines

Just a few examples of our successful premises liability verdicts and settlements include:

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

  • $100,000 for a woman who suffered two broken ankles when she fell in a hole hidden from view on a friend’s property.
  • $110,000 for a woman who lost a chunk of her finger, among other serious injuries, when she was assaulted outside a Philadelphia bar by two drunk patrons who had been overserved.
  • $125,000 for a little girl who lost part of her lip when a friend’s dog bit her face.
  • $160,000 for a man who fell on black ice in a condominium parking lot and shattered the bones in his upper arm.
  • $600,000 for a boy who suffered a permanent eye injury when another child threw a stick that had been left carelessly along the sidewalk among a pile of yard debris.


Premises Liability Questions

When you’ve got questions about premises liability cases, you need answers from experienced attorneys. Here are the answers to three of the most common questions accident victims ask.

Who Can You Sue for a Premises Liability Case?

Generally, you can pursue a premises liability case against any property owner or manager who allowed a dangerous condition to cause you harm. The owner of a property with unsafe or dangerous conditions is legally responsible for any injury sustained on the property.

You can make a claim regardless of whether the owner of that property was:

  • Your friend
  • Your neighbor
  • Your cousin
  • Your landlord
  • A hospital
  • A hotel
  • A business you visit as a customer or worker

Because accidents on residential properties tend to involve property owners you know – friends, neighbors, relatives – you might be hesitant to pursue a claim. Rest assured that our Pennsylvania premises liability accident lawyers never seek compensation from individuals directly.

Even when we pursue a case against an individual, we only ever go after the coverage available through that person’s homeowner’s insurance policy. This way, you’ll never have to make a choice between protecting your friend from the financial consequences and getting the money you need to get better.

After all, that insurance coverage is something the property owner has already paid for, maybe for years, for this very purpose. Not using it only helps an already wealthy insurance company – and could prevent you from affording the medical care you need now and in the future.

When Can’t You Pursue a Premises Liability Claim?

There are some circumstances in which you can’t pursue a claim – at least, not without a lot of difficulty. That’s one reason we always recommend talking to a premises liability lawyer in PA early on. An experienced attorney can help you identify problems that could prevent your case from succeeding and avoid unnecessary obstacles.

Some examples of these situations include:

  • You can’t pursue a case if you didn’t get hurt.

The law only allows you to pursue compensation for what did happen, not what could have happened.

A lot of people who narrowly avoid a serious injury try to use a premises liability claim to hold the property owner accountable. They know it takes more than complaining to customer service to make the owner take safety seriously. But without injuries, they unfortunately don’t have a claim.

  • You can’t pursue a case if you wait too long.

Did you know your legal rights have an expiration date? Most Pennsylvanians don’t. But if you wait too long to take action, you won’t be able to pursue a claim at all.

How long is too long? That depends on a lot of specific circumstances. Generally, in Pennsylvania the statute of limitations – in layman’s terms, the deadline to file a lawsuit – is two years from the date of the accident or injury. If you’re waiting until you feel better, or your medical treatment is complete, or you’re just less busy or stressed, those two years can fly by.

Then there are the exceptions – some of them pretty complex. If your accident involved a government entity, you have only a fraction of the amount of time you would usually have to act. If you don’t notify the agency of your claim in writing early on, you may forfeit your chance to make a claim at all.

  • You can’t pursue a case if you got hurt on your own property.

Remember, you’re seeking compensation from the person who is at fault for the accident. If you or another member of your family created the danger or allowed it to exist on your own property, there’s no one for you to sue. Your insurer won’t pay for the damages.

But this may be a different story if you rent the property. If the landlord was the negligent one – by not making repairs or maintaining the property as required, for example – then you could pursue compensation from the landlord’s homeowner’s insurance company.

  • You can’t pursue a case if the condition of the premises wasn’t what caused your accident.

Any premises liability case requires proof that the other party was actually negligent. Spilled liquids, cracked walkways, potholes, loose tiles, and even dim lighting can all result from a property owner’s negligence.

But if no condition of the property actually made you fall, then there’s no reason to suspect the property owner is at fault. Just because you happened to fall on someone else’s property doesn’t automatically mean you’re able to sue. If you fell because of your shoes, or because you weren’t watching where you were going, or because you ignored warning signs, then the property owner isn’t responsible.

Unfortunately, a lot of property owners will try to deny fault even in cases where they were negligent. To them, it’s a way to get out of paying you the money you deserve. That’s why it’s important to get a lawyer involved in your case right away.

Our premises liability lawyers in Pennsylvania can investigate the accident and gather evidence that proves the property owner’s negligence.

  • You may have a harder time pursuing a premises liability claim against a government entity.

Suing a government entity is a lot more difficult – and not only because the deadlines are shorter. That’s because Pennsylvania state law allows for governmental immunity. Your injuries may need to be more serious to succeed in a claim against the government than they would need to be for a case against a business or private property owner.

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What Will a Pennsylvania premises liability lawyer do for me?

When you choose our PA premises liability accident lawyers for your case, we’ll handle every aspect of the legal claim. We’ll also help you with any of the other burdens you may be facing, like locating a doctor who can treat your injuries.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Make sure you’re getting the medical care you need to get better – regardless of the cost.
  • Investigate the accident and determine if the property owner was negligent.
  • Gather and organize proof of the property owner’s negligence.
  • Identify all possible defendants, like property management companies.
  • Determine what premises liability insurance coverage is available to you.
  • Gather information about your damages, including your medical records.
  • Calculate your out-of-pocket expenses, like medical bills and lost wages.
  • If necessary, get written opinions from experts in medicine and other industries to support your claim.
  • Draft a premises liability demand letter that clearly shows the property owner’s negligence and why you deserve compensation.
  • Negotiate tirelessly to get you the maximum settlement available.
  • If necessary, file the complaint that officially turns your premises liability claim into a lawsuit.
  • Guide you through the legal process, including answering written interrogatories and representing you in depositions.
  • Resolve your claim for the most amount of money possible through whatever means necessary – settlement, mediation, arbitration, or trial.
  • Wrap up your case, making sure any outstanding bills are paid and working with doctors to lower any medical bills you’re still responsible for paying.

Still have questions? Ready to talk about your premises liability personal injury claim? Call (215) 225-2040 today and let our premises liability attorneys in Pennsylvania review your case for free.

Getting Help for Your Premises Liability Accident Case

When your injuries are serious, it’s easy to see how much they affect your life.

Suddenly, you’re in pain all the time. You can’t do the things you used to do – at least, not without paying for the activity later with hours of discomfort. You’re missing time at work, which can hurt your career as much as it hurts your finances. Medical care can cost a fortune, even if you have health insurance. And if you don’t, the price can easily put top-notch medical treatment out of reach.

It’s not hard to see that you need help. But it can be difficult to figure out what to do next.

The answer is simpler than you think:

  1. Call a premises liability accident lawyer in Pennsylvania.
  2. Get your questions answered and your case reviewed for free.

At Console & Associates P.C., we have a 97 percent success rate getting personal injury victims the compensation they deserve. And we make pursuing a claim risk-free with our No Fee Promise. When you choose us to represent you, you’ll never have to pay a single legal fee unless and until we get money for you. It’s our way of making sure your claim will never become a burden to your family.

When you could have award-winning PA premises liability lawyers on your side without having to pay a single out-of-pocket fee, why wouldn’t you?

The clock is ticking on your legal rights. Call our Pennsylvania premises liability lawyers today at (215) 225-2040.