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Posted On July 19, 2019 Case Studies

Premises Liability Case Result Pennsville, NJ – $100,000

As a friend of the family and an occasional guest, our client assisted an Alzheimer’s patient at the ill homeowner’s Pennsville, New Jersey, home on a regular basis. One the day of the accident, though, everything changed. Our client had not been to the premises recently, with other people providing care for the homeowner and assistance around the house during that time. During a subsequent trip to the premises, our client walked out the back door of the house to bring in some laundry and stepped on a welcome mat. To her shock, she fell into a hole that the welcome mat had covered, twisting both ankles in the process. With no one to help her, she was forced to crawl back into the house to call for emergency assistance.

An ambulance took our client to the hospital, where X-rays revealed that she had broken both fibulas and suffered a spiral fracture to her left ankle and two fractures to her right ankle. She had to be admitted to the hospital, which was a large expense in and of itself for our client who didn’t have health insurance. Within days, she had to undergo surgery on both ankles that left her in severe pain. Our client’s life changed substantially as a result of this accident. She had to get casts changed on a regular basis and needed to take unaffordable prescription painkillers to cope with the pain she experienced. Because of this accident, she also missed work.

Due to the severity of her injuries, our client needed and deserved compensation. From the insurance company of the homeowner, our New Jersey premises liability attorneys were able to recover $100,000 to help our client pay for the outstanding medical bills, improve her quality of life, and compensate her for the income she had lost.