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Robert Hadden Obstetrician Sexual Abuse Claims

Young WomanDr. Robert Hadden of Columbia University’s OB-GYN department has been found guilty of hundreds of counts of sexual assault. Dr. Hadden spent his entire medical career practicing at the hospital, more than 20 years. The recent allegations have it that during this time, Dr. Hadden sexually assaulted 245 women. While Columbia University has paid $236.5 million to 226 of his victims, the University has insisted it bears no fault in what happened. Some argue otherwise, insisting that the University’s own records show that patients have tried speaking out for years.

Throughout his career, Doctor Hadden saw tens of thousands of patients. Experts believe that those victims who’ve come forward so far may only be a fraction of the total. If you experienced sexual abuse as a patient of Dr. Robert Hadden, you may have a legal claim. Call the law firm of Console & Associates, P.C. at 866-778-5500 or complete our online form to find out more about starting your path to justice.

Who is Dr. Robert Hadden and What Allegations Does He Face?

Dr. Robert Hadden practiced as a gynecologist at Columbia University until 2012. In 2012, a woman reported him to the police for sexual abuse, which led to his arrest. In the four years following that charge, hundreds of women came forward and Dr. Hadden ultimately pleaded guilty to state charges in 2016. He served no time in prison as a condition of his plea deal, but did lose his medical license.

However, Dr. Hadden is now facing 20 years in federal prison after receiving a federal indictment. He induced four women to cross state lines for medical examinations through which he sexually assaulted them, which brought his crimes before federal court.

Did Columbia University Staff Know of Dr. Hadden’s Crimes?

However, many patients remain frustrated with Columbia University. One claim has it that staff were aware of the allegations against him as early as 1944. Others state the Hadden continued working as a CU OB-GYN for five weeks in 2012 after the first woman reported him.

Despite this, Columbia University continues to deny culpability. From the start, the University has continually claimed ignorance about his actions. However, a ProPublica report reveals that Columbia’s own records include repeated warnings about Hadden. This includes at least two documented cases of Dr. Hadden’s superiors being informed of his actions in writing.

You are not alone.

Likewise, related claims have it that Columbia took the following steps to protect Dr. Hadden and keep women from pursuing justice:

  • Columbia reportedly did not inform patients that Dr. Hadden no longer worked for the University for months
  • The letters to patients did not mention the reasons for his dismissal
  • Columbia University allegedly failed to provide documents or inform prosecutors as required

Columbia University’s pattern of enabling behavior is startling, and it’s led to a criminal investigation into the University and the hospital Dr. Hadden practiced at. A damning finding of this investigation was that Columbia “intended to destroy” emails Dr. Hadden and his colleagues had written.

In all, it seems increasingly likely that Columbia University may be liable to Dr. Hadden’s victims on the grounds of  “vicarious liability.” Vicarious liability states that a hospital, university, or any other employer may be responsible for the actions of its employees. The first condition for this liability is whether the offender performed those actions within the scope of their work duties.

There are several criteria to determine the liability of the hospital. Negligence in hiring or supervising the doctor can provide a basis for liability. Likewise, failing to act on warnings about the criminal behavior of an employee would make it more likely that No Fee Promisean employer has vicarious liability.

Call a Doctor Sexual Assault Lawyer

Committing sexual assault or protecting someone who does is unconscionable. If you believe Columbia University’s negligence contributed to your sexual assault case, the law firm of Console & Associates, P.C. can help. While a lawsuit cannot undo what’s been done, it can punish the guilty and provide you support to get back on your feet. Call 866-778-5500 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and start pursuing damages for lost income, therapy costs, emotional suffering and more.

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