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Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you are one of the many who were injured in a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident, you understand how serious the injuries from these accidents can be. You deserve compensation for what you’ve been through.

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall LawyerA Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyer can help you recover money damages from the property owner or other responsible parties. If you are ready to speak with an attorney about your case, give the dedicated Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers at Console & Associates a call. We will assist with every step of the recovery process, diligently working to hold those responsible for your injuries financially accountable.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accidents?

Any hazard on another’s property can cause a slip and fall accident. These hazards often relate to spilled liquids, defective stairs, missing handrails, and uneven pavement. However, any hazardous condition can be the basis of a Cherry Hill slip and fall lawsuit. Read below to learn more about the common causes of slip and fall accidents.

Can I File a Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Case?

Yes, and you should at least consider it. By filing a Cherry Hill slip and fall claim, you may be able to recover the money you need to cover your medical bills and other accident-related expenses. Read below to learn more about filing a Cherry Hill premises liability lawsuit.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Yes. Not only will hiring a lawyer make the recovery process easier on you, but studies have shown that accident victims who work with an attorney end up securing 3.5 times more compensation than unrepresented injury victims. Read below to learn more about why you should consider bringing Console & Associates on your team.

When you are ready, give the dedicated Cherry Hill personal injury attorneys at Console & Associates a call at 856-778-5500. We offer a free consultation to all slip and fall accident victims.

What to Do When You’ve Been Injured in a Slip and Fall in Cherry Hill

The moments after a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident often feel like a blur. One minute, everything is fine, and the next, you find yourself lying in a hospital bed. While the thought of bringing a legal claim against the property owner may not be at the front of your mind, it’s a good idea to take certain steps to protect your ability to bring a claim, should you decide to do so.

Property owners and their insurance companies will seize every opportunity to reduce or eliminate their potential liability, even if they know they were at fault. Thus, if you’ve been injured in a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident, it is imperative that you cross your Ts and dot your Is. Below is a list of steps you should take immediately after the accident.

  • Report the Accident

Reporting the accident may seem like a trivial matter; however, doing so is crucial to your potential recovery. If you do not report the accident, the property owner or their insurance company may deny that you fell or claim that your injuries were either pre-existing or caused by something else entirely.

If you fell while at a business or government property, report the accident to an employee. If you fell at a private residence or on unoccupied land (such as a park), report your fall to the police.

If your injuries were so severe that you did not have the opportunity to report the accident, do so as soon as you can.

  • Gather Whatever Documentation You Can

If possible, take a few minutes to conduct your own mini-investigation. For example, take out your phone and snap a few pictures of what caused your fall as well as your injuries. If anyone witnessed your fall, ask for their contact information and see if they will provide you with a brief statement of what they saw.

  • Immediately Seek Medical Attention

Obtaining prompt medical care after a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident is extremely important, both to your health as well as to the success of your claim. Often, slip and fall injuries are not immediately apparent; however, if unaddressed, what seems like a minor condition can develop into something much more serious.

If someone offers to take you to the hospital, go ahead and get checked out. If you have already left the scene of the accident, head over to an urgent care facility or make an appointment with your primary care provider as soon as you can.

  • Reach Out to an Attorney

Cherry Hill slip and fall accidents may seem straightforward; however, these cases often involve complex legal principles. You can bet that the insurance company and their lawyers will be prepared. And so should you. By working with an attorney, you can ensure that you won’t encounter any of the pitfalls accident victims often encounter when handling their own case. It’s never too soon to contact an attorney, as the more time they have to prepare your case, the better.

  • Contact the Insurance Company

A Cherry Hill slip and fall lawsuit cannot proceed until you notify the property owner’s insurance company. However, when talking to the insurance company, everything you tell them can be used against you. Even seemingly innocuous statements can be twisted around and taken out of context to make them look better. Thus, a better option is to call a lawyer before notifying the insurance company. This way, your lawyer can handle all communication with the insurance company.

Don’t risk jeopardizing your case by trying to talk with the insurance company on your own. It isn’t worth it. Instead, give the dedicated Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyers at Console & Associates a call, and let us handle the insurance company. We will protect your interests at every step and ensure that your case is given the attention it deserves.

About Slip and Fall Accidents in Cherry Hill

In Cherry Hill and across New Jersey, slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury. Thousands of people are hurt on others’ property each year, often because the property owner failed to ensure that their property was safe.

Slip and Fall Statistics

Falls are the single leading cause of preventable injury and death in the United States, as well as in New Jersey. For example, according to the National Safety Council, more than 37,000 people were killed in various slip and fall accidents in 2018, and more than eight million people were injured. In New Jersey specifically, 527 people died from fall-related injuries.

Older Americans are not only the most prone to slip and fall accidents but also tend to suffer the most serious injuries. According to the National Council on Aging, more than 77,000 New Jersey residents over the age of 65 were hospitalized as a result of a slip and fall accident.

Why Are There So Many Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accidents?

While some slip and fall accidents occur at private residences, the majority of falls happen at businesses. One of the reasons why there are so many slip and fall accidents in Cherry Hill is because people come from miles away to go shopping in Cherry Hill.

Cherry Hill has several large shopping centers. Some of which include:

  • Cherry Hill Mall
  • Ellisburg Circle Shopping Center
  • Market Place Garden State Park Shopping Center

In addition, there are many grocery stores in Cherry Hill, including:

  • Wegmans Cherry Hill, on Haddonfield Rd. and Route 70
  • Trader Joes, on Haddonfield Rd. and Garden Park Boulevard
  • ShopRite of Garden State Pavilion, on Route 70 and S. Cornell Avenue
  • Lidl, on Kaighns Avenue and Cuthbert Boulevard
  • H Mart, on Route 70, just off the New Jersey Turnpike
  • Walmart Supercenter, on Route 73 and Beaver Avenue
  • Whole Foods, on Kings Highway North and Route 70
  • MOM’s Organic Market, on Kings Highway North and Route 70

Of course, slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, not just in the locations listed above. If you’ve been hurt after slipping and falling at a Cherry Hill business, give Console & Associates a call. This is especially important if you are injured as an Instacart personal shopper.

Seeking Treatment for a Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accident

Obtaining prompt medical treatment is critical to your health, as well as the outcome of your slip and fall lawsuit. Thus, going to the Emergency Room, an urgent care clinic, or your primary care provider is one of the first things you should do after falling.

Our Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyers routinely represent accident victims who sought treatment at the following hospitals and medical centers:

  • AdvoCare Greentree Pediatrics in Marlton
  • Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital in Pemberton
  • Cooper University Health Care in Camden
  • Cooper University Hospital in Camden
  • Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills
  • Hampton Behavioral Health Center AKA Universal Health
  • Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in Marlton
  • Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County in Willingboro
  • Lourdes Specialty Hospital of Southern New Jersey in Willingboro
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Voorhees
  • Virtua Marlton in Marlton
  • Virtua Memorial in Mount Holly
  • Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Marlton

Do I Have a Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Case?

While all slip and fall accidents may seem similar in that they involve someone who was injured on another’s property, in reality, all slip and fall cases are unique. For example, every accident affects a victim’s life differently. And in some cases, there may be multiple parties who could potentially be liable, especially when a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident occurs on leased property, such as at a shopping center.

Most often, slip and fall cases start off as an insurance claim filed with the property owner’s insurance company. However, if the insurance company denies your claim or offers you less than you deserve, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary.

To succeed in a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident, you must be able to prove the basic elements of a New Jersey premises liability claim:

  1. A dangerous condition existed on the property;
  2. The property owner failed to take reasonable precautions to ensure their property was safe; and
  3. The accident victim suffered physical or emotional damages as a result of the fall.

When it comes to Cherry Hill slip and fall claims, a property owner’s duty to a guest depends on whether the guest is classified as a trespasser, a licensee, or an invitee.

Trespassers are those who are on another’s property without permission. Generally, landowners only owe trespassers a duty not to cause them intentional harm. Few slip and fall cases involve trespassers.

Licensees are those who are on another’s property for their own benefit or for the mutual benefit of the parties. For example, social guests and family members are considered licensees. Property owners owe licensees a duty to cure any known hazards on their property.

Invitees are those who are on another’s property for the benefit of the property owner. All customers are considered invitees, regardless of whether they were planning on purchasing anything. Property owners owe invitees the highest duty of care, which includes eliminating any known hazards, as well as conducting a reasonable inspection of the property to identify unseen hazards. If a property owner cannot cure a hazardous condition of their property, they must warn invitees of the hazard.

A few of the things that businesses and other landowners may need to do to keep their property safe include:

  • Clearing snow and ice from parking lots, sidewalks, and common areas
  • Ensuring that lights work and provide sufficient illumination
  • Sweeping floors frequently
  • Keeping all accessible areas clear of potential tripping hazards
  • Keeping stairways and railings in good condition
  • Maintaining records in a cleaning log
  • Promptly cleaning up spills
  • Regularly inspecting floors
  • Warning visitors of potential hazards with signs or barricades

If you were injured while shopping at a Cherry Hill business, visiting a friend or neighbor, or at a government building, you may be entitled to financial compensation. At Console & Associates, we can help with every aspect of your claim, reducing your stress so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries in Cherry Hill

While some falls only result in minor bumps and bruises, in more serious cases, the injuries in a slip and fall accident can be life-changing. Common fall-related injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Herniated, slipped, or compressed discs in the spine
  • Knee and elbow injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Spine injuries
  • Wrist injuries

Even if your injuries only seem minor right now, that may change. Often, even serious slip and fall injuries do not immediately cause noticeable symptoms. It is not until days or even weeks later that the symptoms set in.

Causes of Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accidents

Cherry Hill slip and fall accidents can happen in just about any aspect of daily life. Below are a few of the most common slip and fall hazards:

  • Accumulations of snow or ice
  • Bunched-up, torn, or loose carpeting
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Cracked pavement
  • Defective stairs
  • Freshly waxed floors
  • Loose handrails
  • Loose or broken tiles
  • Missing paving stones
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Slippery floors

Contacting an attorney is the first step towards securing money damages for your injuries. Regardless of what caused you to fall—and even if you aren’t sure why you fell—an attorney at Console & Associates can help you understand your rights and work with you to bring a Cherry Hill slip and fall lawsuit against the negligent property owner.

Who Is Liable for a Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accident?

Any property owner, including businesses, government entities, and private citizens, has a duty to ensure a safe area for their guests. Some of the most common locations for slip and fall accidents are:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Banks
  • Convenience stores
  • Entertainment venues
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals and doctors’ offices
  • Hotels
  • Outlet malls
  • Parking lots
  • Public parks
  • Retail store chains
  • Schools
  • Shopping centers
  • Sidewalks

While it’s easy enough to identify where a slip and fall accident occurred, it can be more challenging to ascertain the potentially liable parties. For example, any of the following parties could be responsible for a slip and fall victim’s injuries:

  • Government entities
  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Owners of an apartment complex
  • Owners of commercial property
  • Property managers
  • Tenants

The Role of Insurance Companies in Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accidents

When someone is hurt on another’s property, chances are the property owner is not the one who will be writing the check to the accident victim. This is because, in the vast majority of cases, an accident victim’s claim is filed against the property owner’s insurance company, not the property owner themselves.

Thus, if you were injured while visiting a friend or while shopping at your favorite small business, the property owner would not likely be responsible for your injuries. Their insurance company would cover the cost of the claim. This is exactly why they purchase insurance.

Should I Hire a Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyer?

At Console & Associates, we pride ourselves on being open and honest with our clients. Thus, we won’t tell you that you need a lawyer to bring a claim. However, having a lawyer on your side can make the process significantly easier. Professional legal representation also increases your chances of success.

For example, one of the hurdles you may encounter when bringing your claim is a property owner’s response that you shared responsibility for the accident. Under New Jersey’s modified comparative negligence statute, your damages award will be reduced by your own percentage of fault. What’s worse, if you are found to be more than 50% at fault, you cannot recover anything for your injuries.

Our attorneys have been handling Cherry Hill slip and fall claims for over 25 years, and we’ve seen it all. We are prepared to address a defendant’s argument that you were responsible for your injuries. When you work with one of our dedicated Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyers, we will take care of everything, including:

  • Conducting a full investigation of the accident
  • Preserving all physical evidence
  • Interviewing all witnesses
  • Documenting the full extent of your physical and emotional injuries
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Filing all pleadings and necessary documents in a timely fashion
  • Litigating your case at trial, if necessary

Why Choose Console & Associates for Your Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawsuit

At Console & Associates, we are proud of our reputation as a leading Cherry Hill personal injury law firm. This reputation was not given to us; we earned it over 25 years by providing compassionate yet aggressive representation to accident victims and their families.

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Attorney

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Attorney, Richard P. Console

We cater our representation to each client’s needs, recognizing that no two cases—and no two clients—are the same. We also offer all clients a no-win, no-fee guarantee, meaning you will not pay anything upfront to bring your case, and we will only get paid if we can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Cherry Hill

The first step towards getting the compensation you need and deserve after a Cherry Hill slip and fall accident is to reach out to one of the knowledgeable attorneys at Console & Associates. We are ready to take on even the largest insurance companies to help you get on the road to recovery. To learn more, give us a call at 856-778-5500. You can also reach us through our online form.

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall FAQs

 Can I Still Recover Compensation if I Was Partly Responsible for My Fall?

Yes. New Jersey has a modified comparative negligence statute, which allows for any accident victim to bring a case against a defendant, provided they are not more than 50% at fault for the accident leading to their injuries. However, your damages award will be reduced by your own percentage of fault. Thus, it is critical to work with a skilled Cherry Hill premises liability lawyer to reduce the likelihood that the property owner can shift blame onto you, reducing your recovery amount.

 How Long Do I Have to Bring a Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Claim?

Under New Jersey law, most personal injury claims, including slip and fall lawsuits, must be filed within two years from the date of the incident. However, there are stricter rules if the fall occurred on government-owned property. In these cases, you must provide notice to the government within 90 days. That said, the earlier you reach out to an attorney, the more time they will have to fully investigate and prepare your case.

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