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Posted On July 13, 2021 Current Events and News,Personal Injury,Product Liability and Class Action News

Onewheel Skateboard Injury Lawsuit Update

Injured Riders and Bereaved Families Are Suing the Manufacturer for Alleged Defects

OneWheel Injuries Lawsuit


Onewheel, the self-balancing motorized skateboard named for the single large wheel that propels it, has been among the hottest electric skateboards on the market since its arrival in 2015. Now, however, the hoverboard-inspired device has become the subject of multiple lawsuits arising out of injuries that riders allege were sustained due to a product defect.

Are Onewheel Skateboards Safe?

Part of the widespread appeal of Onewheel skateboards is their ease of use. The manufacturer’s website states (as of July 2021) that “Anyone can ride Onewheel with a little instruction and practice” because “Onewheel is packed with technology that actively helps to keep you balanced.”

Further, the manufacturer adds that “most people learn the basics within the first 15 minutes” and that “tens of thousands of people of all ages and skill levels have learned to ride.”

Yet these lawsuits allege that accidents have happened that left riders with life-altering, and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Those accidents have, in some cases, been reported to be the result of an alleged abrupt shutoff of the motorized boarda sudden loss of power that caused the hoverboard and its rider to take an equally sudden nosedive.

Unlike taking a spill off of a traditional four-wheeled skateboard, these riders say they didn’t just fall off of the Onewheel. Instead, they claim that when the front of the board crashed downward, it forcefully propelled them forward, into the ground.

If a Onewheel accident were to cause the rider to hit the ground headfirst, it may put them at risk of concussions and traumatic brain injuries, or they may land hard enough on their forward-leaning hand or arm to fracture bones.

Has Anyone Died Riding a Onewheel?

Yes, according to at least three Onewheel wrongful death lawsuits that have been filed as of July 2021.

  • In May 2020, the family—including a wife and son—of a Houston, Texas, man who sustained fatal brain injuries in a 2019 Onewheel nosedive accident filed a wrongful death claim against manufacturer Future Motion.
  • Another Onewheel wrongful death lawsuit was filed in June 2021, this time resulting from an August 2020 accident in San Diego, California. The rider in this accident sustained such severe head trauma that he was in a coma for weeks before he passed away.
  • A third Onewheel lawsuit was filed in June 2021, this time on behalf of the surviving family of a Long Island, New York, man who died in September 2020 from injuries sustained in a Onewheel accident, AP News reported.

If you recently lost a loved one to an accident and believe a defect in a Onewheel skateboard is to blame, here are some things you need to know.

What If a Rider Is Experienced and Takes Safety Precautions?

You might expect that having experience with sports like snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing would reduce the dangers associated with similar products. However, even some users with extensive riding experience have expressed concerns related to the possibility of Onewheel nosedive accidents.

Even skilled skaters, surfers, and snowboarders have reported having serious accidents while riding these transportation devices. Accidents that even the best skaters can’t avoid may become a problem, particularly if riders encounter the alleged abrupt shutoff issue that could lead to a violent nosedive, as claimed in the pending suits.

If this were to occur, the board itself may be to blame, rather than any unsafe or irresponsible action on the part of your deceased loved one.

You Deserve Answers

Knowing what caused the deadly accident won’t bring back what you’ve lost, but it may help bring you some closure. Often, the surviving family members find it difficult to understand how an unexpected tragedy could have happened.

If you suspect a defective Onewheel may be to blame, consider contacting an attorney. Over the course of the legal process, the manufacturer will be required to disclose information that speaks to any negligence on the part of the company.

You Deserve Compensation for All of Your Losses, Economic and Otherwise

Finally, your family is legally entitled to pursue financial compensation for the loss of your loved one.

We know that so much of what you’re grieving is not even remotely financial. However, we also know that a loved one’s sudden passing can put a massive financial burden on a family, including the medical bills incurred prior to the death and the cost of funeral or memorial services. If your loved one was a financial provider, you might also have lost the income source that your family relies on to survive.

A Onewheel accident lawyer can fight to hold the manufacturer accountable, and if blame is found, fight for all that you’ve lost when a loved one has passed away suddenly. You may receive financial compensation for the loss of your family member’s companionship, comfort, love, support, guidance, and more.

What to Do If You Think You Have a Onewheel Skateboard Injury Claim

If you have sustained a serious injury due to a Onewheel nosedive accident or you lost a loved one to such an accident, you may have the grounds for a case. Your next move should be to reach out to a Onewheel lawsuit attorney to discuss the details of your unique situation.

It costs nothing to have a law firm like Console & Associates review your case to determine if you have a viable claim for compensation. If you do have a claim, most attorneys will handle cases like yours on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means you pay nothing upfront to move forward with the legal process.