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Marlton Dog Bite Lawyers

People love dogs, and most times, dogs love people. But dogs are also animals with instincts that might lead them to injure, bite, or maul you or someone you love.

When that happens, you could suffer serious injuries. Dogs have extremely sharp teeth that could easily penetrate the skin, leaving infections and scars in the most minor cases and causing permanent disability, amputation, or death in the worst cases. Even minor dog bites can cause serious injuries that result in astronomical medical bills, especially for children.

Do not ignore even a seemingly minor dog bite. Make sure you are healthy and well by seeing a medical professional right away. After you see a doctor, speak with a Marlton dog bite lawyer who can help you recover compensation for your injuries, so you do not have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses.

Injuries From Marlton Dog Bites

More than 4.5 million dog bites take place each year. These are not playful bites. Sometimes, you can play catch with a dog or pull on a toy rope, and the dog might inadvertently bite your hand, usually gently and not breaking any skin. But those are not the dog bites to worry about.

A dog that turns against you or your child and attacks can cause extremely serious and life-threatening injuries.

Wounds could include:

  • Redness around the bite area
  • Swelling
  • Fever
  • Increasing pain

More serious injuries often cause deep wounds and require immediate medical attention.

The most well-known of these more serious injuries is rabies, which requires immediate medical attention. Rabies is most commonly transmitted to humans through a bite.

When a dog bites you or your child, take swift action to get treatment, especially if you cannot immediately confirm that the dog received a recent rabies vaccine.

Rabies is not the only disease transmitted by dog bites. Other infections include:

  • Pasteurella – These bacteria initially cause pain and redness around the dog bite area before turning into a serious infection, especially in immunocompromised individuals.
  • Capnocytophaga spp. – These bacteria live in the mouths of dogs and can cause infections in people with weakened immune systems.
  • MRSA – This dangerous staph infection results in long-term damage to the victim’s body, including vital organs.
  • Tetanus – Deep wounds caused by dog bites may result in tetanus infections, causing great pain if not properly treated.

While infections are dangerous, especially to people with weakened immune systems, other injuries may also plague a dog bite victim. These could result from untreated infections or the dog bite itself.

These include:

  • Permanent loss of feeling around the bite area
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Permanent organ damage

Even minor dog bites can have serious and long-term impacts on your ability to live your life. Making sure you get the proper medical attention is paramount to recover from your or your child’s injuries.

That still leaves you with a mountain of medical bills. When you work with a dog bite lawyer in Marlton, however, you may pursue compensation from the dog’s owner, so you do not pay out of your own pocket for the medical expenses.

The owner of the dog is responsible for the dog’s actions. When the dog bites you or your child, you can hold the owner responsible for your medical bills. Contact Console & Associates P.C. for a free consultation today.

What to Expect After a Dog Attacks You in Marlton

After a dog bite, see a doctor right away. If a dog bite is infected, a doctor can treat you or your child so the infection does not spread to other parts of the body and make matters worse.

Your doctor will also want to know about your interaction with the dog. Your doctor may want to know if you know the dog or the owner. This might sound odd, but if you knew and were friendly with the dog in the past, it’s possible that contracting a disease like rabies is what caused the dog to attack. If rabies infection was a possible factor, your doctor can immediately begin rabies treatment to help minimize the effects on your or your child.

The doctor will also want to know your or your child’s medical condition. Medical issues or certain medications could make you more susceptible to infections. Certain illnesses and medications slow down your immune system, creating a scenario where a dog bite might lead to more serious issues. That is why your doctor will want a full medical history to properly treat you or your child.

File a Claim Against a Marlton Dog’s Owner

Any personal injury is frustrating, aggravating, and painful. The same is true of a dog bite. Unlike a car accident, for example, where you can sue the driver who caused your injuries, you cannot sue a dog. In this instance, you would file a claim against the dog’s owner.

New Jersey law is clear about the liability of a dog owner when the dog injures another person. If you or your child were on public property or were legally on private property when the dog injured you, you could file a claim against the dog’s owner to collect compensation for your injuries.

A dog bite injury attorney in Marlton can guide you through the complex legal process. Depending on the severity of your or your child’s injuries, you may face a long road to recovery. You need to focus your time, energy, and effort on your health and well-being. Your lawyer can lift the weight of the legal burden from your shoulders, which gives you the best chance of making a complete physical recovery—so contact Console & Associates P.C. today.

Damages You Could Collect for a Marlton Dog Bite

Every dog bite victim is concerned about their recovery and how they will get back to their regular life. But you should not suffer financial hardship because of an injury you did not cause.

That is the point of filing a Marlton dog bite claim. You want to collect compensation for your injuries so you do not end up spending your money on your medical bills. After all, the negligence of the dog owner is the reason you or your child have suffered injuries.

Your lawyer may try to get you compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Present and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs

In the case of serious injuries, you may experience a long time out of work, whether because you’re injured or because you need to care for your injured child. This could cause you to suffer financial hardships because you can’t earn a living. It could also hurt your family if you can no longer provide for them. Your family may also feel pressure to work overtime or take on additional jobs to cover the loss of your income.

This is not their burden to bear.

Severe dog bite injuries may require extensive medical procedures, including continuous rehabilitation. Not only does this diminish your or your child’s quality of life, but it also means that you could rack up extremely high medical bills.

The vast majority of your medical bills might come in the future. The bills sitting on your coffee table may represent only a small fraction of the total medical costs you will face.

A Marlton dog bite attorney can create an accurate estimate of your future medical needs. Your lawyer could do this by speaking with medical experts to better understand your prognosis. Knowing how much money you will need can help your lawyer understand the value of your claim. While no amount of money will undo the dog bite or reverse your pain and suffering, it could ensure that you do not suffer more than you already have.

File Your Marlton Dog Bite Claim Soon

In Marlton, you have limited time to file your claim against the dog’s owner. If you miss this important deadline—the statute of limitations—you cannot recover compensation, and you or your family will bear the burden of covering your medical expenses.

To avoid this, partner with a dog bite lawyer in Marlton. Your lawyer will understand the statute of limitations and all the other deadlines faced in your Marlton dog bite claim. Meeting these timelines will give your case the best chance of success.

You do not need to wait until you or your child have fully healed, either. Many dog bite victims mistakenly believe they need to wait until they are better before they file a Marlton dog bite claim. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the time to file your claim may pass before you fully recover.

Do Not Take the First Marlton Dog Bite Settlement Offer

Richard P. Console Jr.

Marlton dog bite  injury accident lawyer, Richard P. Console Jr.

Soon after you suffer a dog bite, the insurance company representing the dog’s owner may contact you and offer you a quick settlement. This might excite you as it can help you put this part of your recovery behind you. The insurance company may try to persuade you to take the offer.

However, an insurance company may offer a quick settlement because they do not want you to think about the true value of your claim. The offer they give you right after your dog bite may not cover all of your needs. It may not even cover the existing medical bills you have sitting on your coffee table. The insurance company may hope that you do not think about how serious your injuries are and how much money you will need to recover.

If you take the initial settlement offer, you will waive your right to bring any future claims against the insurance company for this dog bite injury. This means you could end up paying out of pocket for medical expenses and financial losses that you played no part in causing. This truly adds insult to injury.

The best way to avoid this is to partner with a Marlton dog bite lawyer. Your lawyer could help you understand the full value of your claim so you do not leave any money on the table. Your lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, so your focus remains on your health and wellbeing. With the right lawyer at your side, you can collect every dollar you deserve.

The Right Marlton Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You Move Forward

Dog bite injuries can affect you or your child for years, leaving you frustrated and in pain. You want nothing more than to get better and get back to your regular life.

Part of getting back to normal involves getting the best medical assistance available to you or your child. But this can cost a lot of money. That is why you need to work with a Marlton dog bite attorney who can file your claim and help you collect maximum compensation from the dog’s owner.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from a dog bite, you could seek substantial compensation under the law. Dial (856) 778-5500 today to speak with a trusted and respected Marlton dog bite lawyer at Console & Associates P.C. or write us now for your free consultation. The sooner you take action, the sooner you might get back to your regular life.

Contact the Marlton personal injury lawyers at Console and Associates P.C.  today for more information about your legal options.

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