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Marlton Hit and Run Lawyers

The traffic congestion in Marlton, caused in part by the commute to Philadelphia that a significant portion of the area’s population of 10,000 undertakes each day, presents a risk of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents in Marlton occur when, for whatever reason, the driver who hit you attempts to flee the scene.

Following a hit and run accident, you may have substantial medical bills, considerable rehabilitation and recovery to deal with, and little idea about what to do next. Can you seek compensation after a hit and run? If you do seek compensation, what should you expect?

Having an experienced car accident attorney on your side can help you determine how to seek compensation for the injuries that you’ve suffered. Contact Console & Associates, P.C., today for a free consultation.

Marlton Hit and Run Accidents: Common Injuries and the Aftermath

Marlton Hit and Run Injury AttorneysIn a hit and run accident, the driver that causes the accident flees the scene rather than waiting for the police or exchanging contact information and insurance details, as required by law. Hit and run accidents can occur while you drive your vehicle, as you ride your bike, or as you walk through town as a pedestrian. Regardless of how your hit and run accident occurs, you may suffer severe injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The force of an auto accident can cause your head to move rapidly or strike another surface with extreme force. As a pedestrian, you may collide with the sidewalk. In a car, your head may strike the dashboard or steering wheel, or it may come into contact with the back of your seat.

If you lose consciousness, even for only a short time, it could indicate traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, you can have traumatic brain injury even with no loss of consciousness. Traumatic brain injuries can cause problems with both short-term and long-term memory.

After sustaining a TBI, you may have a hard time focusing on the task in front of you. Many victims with traumatic brain injuries also struggle with emotional control following the accident; they may have more mood swings, have trouble controlling their emotions, or have a hard time interacting normally with people, especially in stressful environments.

Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injuries may cause extreme complications in a victim’s life. If you suffer back and neck injuries in your hit and run, whether because of direct force on your back and neck or because of the shaking and trauma you experience during the accident, it can impact every area of your life. Back and neck injuries can cause pain, whether standing or sitting.

In extreme cases, you may suffer from direct spinal cord injuries, which may cause paralysis below the injury site. Some victims of spinal cord injuries will need to use a wheelchair to get around, while others may lose functions throughout their entire bodies.


In a hit and run accident, you may suffer burns if your vehicle catches on fire. Pedestrian hit and run victims may also suffer severe road rash, a type of friction burn that can cause extreme scarring on the affected area of the body. Road rash can also lead to a high risk of infection since it can leave a great deal of foreign matter and dirt in the wound.


In severe cases, hit and run accidents can lead to limb amputations. Whether you were a pedestrian or an occupant of a vehicle at the time of the collision, you might suffer injuries that lead to limb amputation as a result of the trauma of the accident.

Many amputees choose to use prosthetic devices to restore some normal appearance and function following the accident. Prosthetics, however, may lead to ongoing expenses for the victim, since they generally last a maximum of three to five years. With heavy use, prosthetics may require more frequent replacement.

Broken Bones

Broken bones may cause extreme trauma and ongoing pain and suffering for a victim. Multiple broken bones may make it impossible for the victim to take care of basic self-care tasks. Even minor broken bones can prevent victims from engaging in their usual preferred activities, including sports and recreation, or from taking care of usual work tasks.

Broken bones may require surgical attention. In some cases, victims may have a long recovery that includes the need for physical therapy.

Seeking Compensation Following a Marlton Hit and Run Accident

You suffered injuries in a hit and run accident in Marlton. Now what? To seek compensation for your injuries from the liable party, you first must identify that party (or parties).

Identifying the Liable Party

Sometimes, the police will find evidence of who caused your hit and run accident, even if the liable driver flees the scene. Witnesses may report the license plate number or give the police descriptive information about the driver. Officers may have video evidence from traffic cameras or nearby security cameras that can help them determine who caused the accident, especially if it occurred in a parking lot.

Once you’ve successfully identified the liable party, you can pursue compensation from that party through a car accident claim.

You may seek compensation through the party that caused the accident, including:

  • The liable driver himself
  • The driver’s employer, if a driver on the clock hits you and flees the scene
  • A mechanic who recently worked on the vehicle, if a vehicle’s mechanical failure caused the accident
  • The manufacturer of the vehicle or its parts, when their failure contributes to an accident

In some cases, however, hit and run drivers may flee the accident scene because they are uninsured and do not have the means to pay for the damage. In that case, you may need to turn to your own insurance coverage to obtain compensation for your injuries.

If You Cannot Identify the Liable Party

After your hit and run, you may have no idea who caused your accident. Since the other driver did not stick around, you may have to rely on your personal insurance coverage to seek compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained and any other losses you’ve faced.

Depending on the circumstances, you might pursue benefits from your own auto insurance company in the form of:

  • Your personal injury protection insurance. If you own a vehicle in New Jersey, you should have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance that provides vital coverage for medical treatment if you suffer injuries in an accident. Personal injury protection insurance kicks in regardless of who caused the accident, which means that you can use it for an accident that you caused or contributed to in addition to using it as vital protection following a hit and run accident. Often, PIP benefits cover an accident victim’s initial medical expenses as well as the costs of rehabilitation up to the limits of the policyholder’s coverage. You may also recover some amount of compensation for some of your missed time at work following your accident through your PIP coverage, although PIP benefits don’t fully cover lost wages for most accident victims.
  • Your uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. If the motorist who hit you is never found, your own auto insurance company stands in for them for the purposes of your claim for compensation. You can seek the same damages from your own auto insurance company as you would from the other driver’s insurance company, including past and future medical expenses, lost wages, decreased earning capacity, and pain and suffering. However, you can only recover a payout within the policy limits of your UM benefits. UM coverage is, naturally, used when the at-fault driver is known but doesn’t have insurance. However, many hit and run victims also use their uninsured motorist policy to provide much-needed compensation for medical expenses and other damages following a hit and run accident.
  • Your collision coverage. If you purchased collision coverage, you could also go through your own insurance company to pay for repairs to your vehicle. Collision coverage pays for vehicle repairs or, in the event that the car is totaled, replacement no matter who is at fault for the accident.

How Much Compensation to Seek

Following a hit and run accident, the amount of compensation that you may seek will depend on how much insurance coverage is available, whether through the liable party (if identified) or your own UM coverage. Working with an attorney can help you better determine what compensation you should expect based on who caused your accident, what parties may have contributed to it, and whether the liable party has insurance coverage.

Although it is possible to pursue compensation from a liable party who has no insurance, it may prove harder to collect compensation under these circumstances. Having an attorney on your side may prove crucial in a complex situation like a hit and run accident.

Most people seek compensation for the same damages following a hit and run accident, which may include:

  • Medical expenses. Hit and run accidents can leave you with severe injuries and a lot of medical bills. You may, for example, need emergency medical treatment immediately after your accident. You may leave the accident scene in an ambulance, then receive treatment in the emergency room. Depending on your injuries, you may need immediate surgery, or you may get admitted to the hospital for further treatment and observation. Some severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries, may result in long-term hospitalization, which can cause your medical bills to mount substantially. Once you leave the hospital, you may need in-home medical care and durable medical equipment to help you maintain as much independence as possible. You may also need to go through physical and occupational therapy to help you relearn how to perform common activities or to regain strength and flexibility following the accident.
  • Lost income. How much work did you have to miss as a result of your injuries? Some victims may spend a long time out of work, especially following severe injuries. Your employer may work with you to get you back to work or help you generate an income as soon as possible, especially if you can work from home or your injuries do not prevent you from coming into the office. On the other hand, if you have severe injuries or your employer cannot modify your work responsibilities to make it possible for you to keep up with them despite your injuries, you may need to miss a long time at work before you can return. In addition, many hit and run victims find that they need to miss time at work during the recovery process, whether because they need to go back to the hospital for follow-up procedures or they simply need to complete physical and occupational therapy during work hours. You may have to use vacation time to cover some of your lost hours at work, which can leave you without the coverage you need for personal reasons later.
  • Pain and suffering. In addition to the tangible financial losses you must deal with following your accident, you may also need to contend with significant, ongoing suffering. Many accident victims struggle with substantial physical pain following their injuries. Others may suffer from immense emotional anguish, especially if they must miss out on important events and activities due to their injuries. An attorney can help you understand how to include pain and suffering in your car accident claim.

How Our Marlton Hit and Run Lawyers Can Help You

Following a Marlton hit and run accident, many victims realize the benefits of hiring an attorney. In some cases, an attorney can help procure additional evidence to establish who caused your accident, including evidence that factors other than the driver’s error may have contributed to your injuries and that you may have the right to compensation from another party, too.

Richard P. Console Jr.

Marlton Hit and run Accident Lawyer, Richard P. Console Jr.

Many hit and run accident victims find that, once they identify the liable party or choose to pursue compensation through their own insurance companies, our attorneys can help increase their compensation.

We can also aid in putting together a highly effective claim that will increase your likelihood of receiving maximum compensation. Furthermore, an attorney can make sure you understand your legal right to compensation and help keep those rights at the forefront throughout negotiations with the insurance company. Ultimately, that support can help reduce stress and make it easier for you to manage your car accident claim while increasing your ability to pursue compensation to cover the full cost of your injuries.

Do You Need a Hit and Run Attorney in Marlton?

If you need a car accident attorney in Marlton, don’t wait to reach out. Find an attorney who can help you learn more about your right to compensation, including how much you may qualify to pursue. Contact Console and Associates today at (862) 778-5500 for a free consultation regarding your hit and run accident.
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