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Motor vehicle accidents often traumatize everyone involved. However, what makes the situation even more shocking is when the at-fault driver decides to flee the scene. Not only are the victims of a crash left to deal with the repercussions on their own, but most times, they have no idea what they are supposed to do next, what legal recourse is available to them, or who they need to turn to for legal help.

If you were in a Newark hit and run accident, you need legal help you can trust—legal help that can provide you with the answers you need and someone who can fight for the justice you deserve. That is why you should contact the Newark hit and run accident attorneys at Console & Associates P.C. for help.

Console & Associates P.C. – We Help Newark Hit and Run Accident Victims

With more than 25 years of experience handling personal injury claims in Newark, Console & Associates P.C. has made it our goal to fight for the rights of victims like you.

Our Newark personal injury lawyers make it a priority to put our clients’ well-being first. This means that our firm doesn’t only care about the emotional, physical, and financial well-being of our clients. We also want to fight for the economic recovery our clients deserve so they can receive the best medical care possible.

When we represent our clients, we make it a point to give their cases the personal attention they deserve while zealously fighting for their rights. As a result of this dedication, knowledge, and experience, we have won millions in settlements and jury verdicts for our injured clients. In fact, our most recent cases have included $635,000 for a hit and run accident.

While we cannot guarantee a result, we work hard to help our clients. Contact Console & Associates P.C. to see if we can help you.

What Is a Hit and Run Accident?

The drivers in a motor vehicle accident in Newark must stop and wait at the scene until legal authorities arrive to make a report. Additionally, if the accident results in an injury, the driver must contact an ambulance for the injured person. If the driver does not stop and instead leaves the accident scene, a hit and run offense takes place.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a hit and run accident occurs somewhere in the United States approximately every 43 seconds. In fact, over the past 10 years, nearly 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths resulted from a hit and run accident. To learn more about your legal options after a Newark car accident speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

Common Newark Hit and Run Accident Injuries

The seriousness and type of injuries endured in a hit and run will often depend on crash severity.

However, in Newark, some of the more common hit and run injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of a limb
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Neck trauma
  • Back injuries
  • Deep lacerations
  • Paralysis
  • Internal bleeding
  • Death

Hit and Run Accidents and Filing an Insurance Claim in Newark

Richardpconsole2 400w

Richard P. Console, Newark hit and run accident lawyer.

New Jersey is governed by a no-fault system, so if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, you first need to seek compensation through your own insurance policy, regardless of who caused the accident.

However, before you contact your insurance company, understand that insurance companies are businesses that need to make money. When they pay out on your claims, they lose money. That is why they may try any tactic they can to get you to admit fault for part or all of the accident. This way, they can justify reducing the amount of your claim or denying your claim altogether.

When you contact an insurance agent, only provide them with basic information, such as that you were in a hit and run accident and the police are investigating. Avoid giving them any opinions about the crash, discussing the severity of your injuries, or providing them with too much information. Instead, indicate that, from now on, your attorney can handle all future communications.

When the legal team at Console & Associates P.C. takes over your case and these discussions, we can ensure that you do not say anything that can hurt your claim.

How to File a Newark Hit and Run Accident Claim?

Typically, most motor vehicle accidents resolve through insurance claims. However, in certain situations, car accident victims can file a lawsuit to recover damages. Unfortunately, after a hit and run accident, you can only sue the at-fault driver if the police find him.

This does not mean you cannot seek compensation for your accident, because New Jersey motorists must carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage, which will cover you after a hit and run. You may, however, need our help to file a claim with your own insurance company to collect your benefits.

Your choice of insurance may dictate what damages you can seek following a motor vehicle accident, as both options have different rules regarding filing a lawsuit and the forms of compensation you can pursue.

  • Unlimited right to sue: Under this option, you can file a lawsuit against the liable driver to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering following an accident. You can also go after other forms of payment through your car insurance claim. This option applies to you and to your spouse, your children, and any other relative who lives with you and is not covered by another automobile insurance policy.
  • Limited right to sue: If you decided on the limited right to sue option, you can only pursue pain and suffering if you sustained significant scarring or disfigurement, lost a limb or body part, lost a fetus, suffered a displaced fracture, or sustained a permanent injury that causes a part or organ to not function normally. If a loved one died, qualified loved ones may also seek compensation under these policies.

The law may grant some leeway with what constitutes a permanent injury. That is why if you were in a Newark hit and run accident, you should contact the law firm of Console & Associates P.C. immediately. Our hit and run attorneys can help figure out what compensation you may recover and go after the damages you need.

How Much Is My Newark Hit and Run Case Worth?

Unfortunately, because each situation is unique, no attorney can tell you exactly how much money you can receive following your hit and run accident.

Some of the most common factors that could influence the value of your case include:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The types of medical treatments you need now and in the future (including the duration of the treatments, surgical procedures, diagnostic examinations, and rehabilitation services)
  • Whether your injury is permanent
  • The amount of property damage
  • The amount of lost income
  • Whether you can work following your accident
  • Your ability to perform daily activities
  • Whether you need extra help or services following your accident, such as cleaning services, grocery shopping services, or childcare
  • The credibility of the evidence presented

When you work with one of our hit and run accident lawyers, we could determine which of these factors exist in your case and go after maximum damages for them.

How Long Does a Newark Hit and Run Case Take to Resolve?

Many hit and run victims want to know how long their claim will take. However, there is no set answer to this question, because numerous elements can affect a case.

For instance, you would not want to start settlement negotiations until you have a good understanding of your injury and the medical treatments you need. You want to make sure you fight for the compensation that can cover your current medical bills and your future medical expenses.

If your case heads to trial, this can extend the length of the case.

When you work with the legal team at Console & Associates P.C., we discuss all these issues, help you figure out your legal options, and help you decide which option you should pursue.

Actions to Take After a Newark Hit and Run Accident

Even though it may seem tempting, you should never pursue a fleeing driver. Leaving the accident scene can put you in a bad legal position, with the police questioning who was actually at fault.

Stay at the scene following a hit and run accident and take these steps to keep yourself safe and protect your legal rights:

  • Call 911: If you were in a hit and run accident, call 911 immediately. Not only can Emergency Medical Services provide everyone at the scene with the necessary medical help, but police officers can investigate the scene and prepare a police report. If you decide to pursue a legal claim, this police report can provide you with critical evidence.
  • Collect evidence: If possible, take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Take photos of your visible injuries, any skid marks on the road or debris, the weather conditions at the time of the accident, and any traffic signs near the crash scene. Additionally, try to jot down notes about which direction the at-fault driver headed, details about their car, and the location and time of the accident.
  • Get medical treatment: Even if you do not think you suffered significant injuries, get evaluated by a medical professional. These doctors can determine if you need any medical treatment for serious injuries that you haven’t noticed yet and write down their findings in their medical reports. This can indicate that the hit and run accident caused your injuries, not a subsequent event.
  • Talk to witnesses: If other individuals were present at the time of the accident, get their names and contact information. Their statements can provide you with vital evidence about what happened and information about the car that drove off.
  • Contact a Newark hit and run accident lawyer: After your accident, contact our Newark hit and run accident attorneys. Our lawyers can provide you with the answers you require, quickly begin an investigation into the accident, and fight for the compensation you need.

Contact Console & Associates P.C. Today to Get the Legal Help You Need

Motor vehicle accidents are quite complicated. When these accidents involve a hit and run, the situation can become even more taxing.

You do not have to tackle this complex and frustrating legal battle on your own.

When you work with the law firm of Console & Associates P.C., our attorneys can:

  • Answer any questions you have, go over your case in detail, and explain your legal options.
  • Thoroughly investigate the accident scene, gather critical evidence and reports, and interview relevant witnesses that can help show what happened and who was at fault.
  • Ensure that critical motions and legal filings are completed accurately and within the two-year statute of limitations.
  • Tackle insurance negotiations, going after fair compensation even if the at-fault driver is never found.
  • Bring in the experts, such as accident reconstructionists, economists, engineers, and doctors, to substantiate your claims.
  • If needed, take your case to trial and fight for maximum compensation.

Whatever the reason, hit and run accidents are never excusable. That is why, if you or a loved one were injured in a Newark hit and run accident, you should contact Console & Associates P.C. today or call us at (862) 229-1137. Let our lawyers fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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