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Posted On March 12, 2021 Case Studies

Case Study: Dog Bite Compensated $125,000

Like half of all dog bite victims with injuries serious enough to require medical care, our client was just a child at the time of her traumatizing experience. Her visit to a friend’s home turned tragic when she found herself face-to-face with a growling family pet.

A Family Pet Turns Dangerous

The pet Akita that lived at the home of our client’s friend had never shown violent behavior before – but even without a history of previous aggression, the dog’s attack proved dangerous. For some inexplicable reason, the dog growled at the teenager as soon as she entered the bedroom. The Akita lunged at the girl and latched onto her face. The dog bit off a large part of the girl’s upper lip.

After the dog bite, our young client was forced to undergo reconstructive surgery to replace her missing lip. Just as extensive as the physical damage was the emotional and psychological impact of this terrifying attack on the girl’s life.

Emergency care and reconstructive surgeries are necessary in cases like this, but they’re also costly – so costly, in fact, that the expense can be a major burden to a family unless they have help paying for the treatment. The injured girl had a legal right to pursue compensation for her injuries, but at first, she was reluctant. After all, the responsible party was her friend’s family. She feared that bringing a claim against her friend was somehow wrong or improper, or that it could damage the friendship.

Homeowner’s Insurance Pays Damages For Dog Bite, Not The Family Friend

Fortunately, her fears were unfounded. We explained to her that in a dog bite case, a homeowner’s insurance policy is responsible for paying for the damages. Once our client understood that we wouldn’t go after her friends personally, but instead seek money from their insurance company, she felt better about pursuing the compensation she deserved. In fact, her friends were completely supportive of her bringing a claim against their insurance. They understood that this was by no means a personal attack on them and that the possibility of accidents like this was the reason they had insurance in the first place. They certainly wouldn’t want their friend to suffer and her family to be saddled with debt unnecessarily.

Maximum Injury Compensation for Our Client

With our client’s best interests in mind and her friends on board with her claim, our New Jersey dog bite attorneys rigorously pursued maximum compensation for our client. By the end of the claim, we had obtained $125,000 from the insurance carrier on our client’s behalf.