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Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 24, 2022

Data Breach Alert: Jim Koons Automotive Company

Data Breach AlertIn recent news, the auto dealership chain, Jim Koons Automotive Company, announced the company experienced a data breach affecting more than 114,000 individuals. According to the company’s most recent news release, on June 5, 2021, Jim Koons Automotive Company noticed unauthorized activity on certain company computer systems. As a result, the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and financial account information of affected consumers were

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 24, 2022

Data Breach Alert: StarTek, Inc.

Data Breach AlertRecently, StarTek, Inc. announced that the company experienced a data security event involving an unauthorized party gaining access to the company’s computer systems and removing certain data. According to a company news release, on June 26, 2021, StarTek, Inc. experienced a “network disruption.” After conducting a follow-up investigation, the company learned that an unauthorized party unknown actor gained access to and obtained data from the StarTek network

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 24, 2022

R.R. Donnelley Data Breach Alert

Data Breach AlertTowards the end of last year, Fortune-500 company R.R. Donnelley, one of the world’s largest commercial printers, announced that it suffered a network intrusion following a ransomware attack. Details about the data breach are still sparse; however, the attorneys at Console & Associates, P.C. are actively investigating the breach to determine if the company bore any responsibility. If it turns out that R.R. Donnelley failed to implement

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 21, 2022

Data Breach Alert: ExecuSearch Holdings, LLC

Data Breach AlertRecently, the staffing firm ExecuSearch Holdings, LLC, issued a news release indicating that the company experienced a cybersecurity event. Evidently, on February 12, 2021, ExecuSearch noticed some of the company’s systems suddenly became inaccessible. Through a subsequent investigation, ExecuSearch learned that an unauthorized party encrypted some of the company’s systems and removed certain data. As a result, the names and Social Security numbers of more than 42,000

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 21, 2022

Data Breach Alert: Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc.

Data Breach LetterRecently, Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc. informed more than 58,000 individuals that their personal information was compromised in a data breach occurring as a result of a cyberattack. On September 19, 2021, Strategic Benefits Advisors learned that an unauthorized third party gained access to and potentially removed several files containing consumer information. The information revealed through the data breach involved the full names and Social Security numbers of

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 20, 2022

Console & Associates. P.C. to Investigate Potential Class Action Lawsuit After LendUS, LLC Data Breach

In recent news, the mortgage lending company, LendUS, LLC announced that it experienced a data-security event impacting the personal information of more than 12,000 individuals. Last year, LendUS, LLC learned that several of the company’s employee’s email accounts had been compromised. While the details of how an unauthorized party gained access to the employees’ email accounts have not yet been released, through a subsequent investigation, the

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | January 17, 2022

Data Breach Alert: Southern Orthopaedic Associates

man reading data breach letterData breaches put sensitive consumer information in the hands of unknown third parties, who may use them to commit identity theft or for other criminal purposes. While it’s common for the victim of a data breach not to notice anything wrong with their accounts at first, it is essential that they still give the situation the seriousness it deserves, as data breaches can lead to significant financial

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches | November 24, 2021

GoDaddy Data Breach: What Does This Mean for Customers? What Can You Do About It?

Data Breach Code Consumer PrivacyEarlier this week, the web hosting company GoDaddy announced that an unauthorized third party accessed the current and former customers’ email addresses, account numbers, and usernames. The third party is also alleged to have accessed the SSL private key of some active customers. The SSL private key allows website visitors to browse securely.

Upon learning of the GoDaddy data breach, the company contacted law enforcement and engaged

Consumer Privacy & Data Breaches, Product Liability and Class Action News | November 10, 2021

Certified Automotive Lease Corp. Data Breach Update

Man with Letter

What You Need to Know If You Believe Your Security Has Been Compromised

In late October 2021, Certified Automotive Lease Corp.—also known as CAL Automotive—reported a serious data breach. When data breaches occur, they can cause the individuals whose data was compromised to become victims of identity theft or to otherwise incur financial costs.

If you are a customer served by the leasing business, you might