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Personal Injury

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | January 11, 2022

Philips CPAP Recall Update: Shocking Revelation From FDA Investigations and More

What is the latest with the CPAP lawsuits? As 2022 begins, the thoughts of sleep apnea patients and their families are, naturally, returning to the Philips CPAP machine recall 2021.

After all, these patients relied on these machines to treat their sleep apnea and help prevent the serious medical complications the condition can cause. It’s no surprise that these patients were alarmed when they found out

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | January 3, 2022

Can Heavy Metals Found in Baby Food Cause Autism? What Parents Need to Know About Toxic Baby Food Lawsuits

Dozens of baby food lawsuits have been filed by families of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Here’s what parents should know about the ongoing litigation.

What Causes Autism, and How Does Heavy Metals Toxic Exposure Affect ASD Risk?

Despite an increase in diagnoses, the precise cause of autism spectrum disorder remains mysterious. Researchers have studied many factors that are believed to have a causation or

Accident Tips & Prevention, Auto Injury, Personal Injury | December 27, 2021

New Year’s Eve Brings New Risks for Rideshare Drivers

New Year's Eve Drinking DrivingTaking an Uber or Lyft home from the bar, club, or party on New Year’s Eve is a smart and responsible decision when a person has been drinking. However, for rideshare drivers themselves, the last night of the year can hold a lot of risks.

If you drive for Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare service, be alert for drunk drivers on the road and for intoxicated passengers

Personal Injury | December 20, 2021

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Not for Gig Economy Delivery Drivers

Christmas Holiday DrivingThese days, gig economy drivers play a big part in making the holidays happen, delivering packages containing holiday decor, presents ordered online, and even catered meals for parties.

There are pros and cons to gig work, especially around the holidays. Being able to control your work schedule allows you to be there for the kids’ holiday concerts and the big Christmas party without having to worry about

Auto Injury, Personal Injury | December 16, 2021

Reports of Amazon Drivers Engaging in Dangerous Behavior Behind the Wheel

delivery driver accidentsOnline retailer Amazon.com grew into a household name over the past several decades due largely to the company’s ability to deliver packages to customers within days—sometimes hours. However, recently, there have been reports that Amazon drivers are placing the public at risk as they hurry to customers’ homes and businesses in an attempt to get packages to their destination on time.

For example, in a recent (

Personal Injury | December 13, 2021

Attention Instacart Shoppers: Beware of Dangerous Conditions Amidst the Holiday Rush and Winter Weather

If you’re making a living or just suGrocery Shoppingpplementing your income as an Instacart shopper, this time of year might be especially busy for you. Unfortunately, it may also be extra dangerous. For both the gig workers and the employees who work for the grocery delivery app, the combination of the holiday rush and winter weather conditions can pose significant safety hazards.

Here’s what to watch out

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | November 23, 2021

Infant Necrotizing Enterocolitis: NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit Update 2021

Families Affected by Infant Necrotizing Enterocolitis Can Have Their Case Reviewed at No Cost

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a serious gastrointestinal emergency, particularly for the premature babies who are the individuals primarily at risk for this disease of the intestines. When NEC and the devastating effects it can have on a newborn and their family are caused by the baby formula given to the infant, parents may

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | November 17, 2021

3M Earplug Bellwether Trial Culminates in a $13 Million Payout – Attorneys Remind Veterans It’s Not Too Late to Sue

3M Combat EarplugsThe 3M earplug lawsuits keep moving forward. On November 15, 2021, the seventh bellwether trial in the ongoing 3M earplug injury litigation ended in a $13 million award in favor of the plaintiff. This jury award has other service members who sustained hearing loss wondering if they, too, could still move forward with a claim.

What to Know About the 3M Earplug Lawsuit Payout

The Florida trial

Personal Injury | November 8, 2021

Know the Warning Signs: What Parents Need to Know About Sexual Abuse in Schools and Daycares

Child Injury Abuse, Holding Hand with Trusted AdultWith the school year in full swing, children everywhere are settling into their new routines. Most of the adults who supervise and educate children in school, daycare, and other childcare settings take seriously their responsibilities to the kids’ wellbeing, but that isn’t always the case.

Unfortunately, some teachers, coaches, and school staff are predators who sexually abuse the children in their care—and parents may be the last

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | November 1, 2021

Truvada Lawsuit Update

Truvada Side EffectsWhat You Need to Know About Kidney Damage and Bone Loss Claims

For individuals who either live with or are at risk of contracting HIV, a medication that provides both (partial) treatment of HIV symptoms and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against getting the disease in the first place can seem like the answer to all of your worries. With Gilead’s medication Truvada, taking one pill a day was

Personal Injury | October 25, 2021

The Biggest Dangers to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween

Halloween Kids It’s the time of year kids all across America are looking forward to: Halloween. While parties, parades, and carving pumpkins are all part of Halloween fun, trick-or-treating is the main event.

And what’s really scary about it isn’t ghosts and ghouls, but the real risks that put kids in danger.

Trick-or-treating accidents are more common than you think, and they can have serious consequences. Here are the

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | October 18, 2021

What Would Johnson & Johnson Bankruptcy Mean for Talc Cancer Lawsuit Plaintiffs?

talc-powder-cancerIf you’re the plaintiff in a talc cancer lawsuit, the mid-October news headlines about talc powder product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson filing for bankruptcy are enough to make you worry. What could this move mean for the claim you’re pursuing to get the compensation your family needs?

Although it’s wise to be aware of what’s going on, plaintiffs don’t have to panic. The outstanding talc powder cancer

Personal Injury | October 5, 2021

Working as a Delivery Driver? Here’s What the Data Says About Driver Injury and Fatality Rates  

Have you ever wondered how dangerous your job as a delivery driver really is? Every year, disturbing reports of serious injuries and preventable tragedies involving delivery drivers surface in the news. The attorneys and accident safety advocates at our personal injury law firm have noticed an increase in the number of calls we have received from injured delivery drivers.

It all got us wondering—what does the data

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Class Action News | September 27, 2021

Medtronic Heart Valve Recall 2021 Update

Heart Valve RecallManufacturer Has Ceased Sales and Issued Urgent Letter Warning Physicians to “Stop Using” Unused Implants

Medtronic, the manufacturer of a medical implant that is alleged to have led to more than a dozen deaths, announced earlier in 2021 that it was halting sales of the product, according to the FDA. Further, Medtronic warned doctors against using unused implants that had already been sold and distributed.


Personal Injury | August 30, 2021

The Worker Safety Implications of Walmart’s New Delivery Service 

Grocery Delivery

With retail companies like Walmart increasingly expanding into the delivery service industry, it’s more important than ever to keep delivery drivers’ safety top of mind.

Walmart Delivery Services Are Expanding

Over the last 18 months, business has changed for many companies. Retail stores and restaurants began offering curbside pickup of items that, not so long ago, would have required consumers to come inside and shop for or