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Accident Tips & Prevention

Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News | April 23, 2015

Most Owners Neglect Their Cars – Do You?

If you’re one of the 84% of car owners whose vehicles need service right now, you’re putting yourself, your family, and everyone on the road at risk every time you get behind the wheel. The worst part is that you probably don’t even know that you’re in danger.

April is spring’s National Car Care Month, one of two months (the other is October) dedicated to promoting

Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News, Personal Injury | March 30, 2015

What Every Mom and Dad Must Know about Kids and Brain Injuries

For a parent, the possibility of your child – your baby – suffering a debilitating brain injury is unimaginable – but for millions of parents, that nightmare is a bleak reality.

Children age four and under and adolescents ages 15 through 19 are more likely than any other age groups to suffer a life-changing TBI. Even between ages four and 15, the risks are high, and the

Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News | March 13, 2015

Is More Funding the Fix for Train Accidents?

Six people died when an SUV stopped on the train tracks in Valhalla, New York, and the train collided with it. Three people, all occupants of a pickup truck, died when their vehicle entered the path of an oncoming train in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. More than 20 passengers suffered injuries when a train in Oxnard, California, struck a pickup truck that had gotten stuck on

Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News, Personal Injury, Slip and Falls | January 21, 2015

3 Quick Tips for Safely Shoveling Snow

No one loves to shovel snow – play in it, maybe, but not shovel it. Most of us regard this winter chore as a necessary evil, but we still don’t appreciate just how hazardous shoveling can be to our health.

Every year, snow shoveling mishaps send around 11,500 people to the emergency room, some for life-threatening conditions. The dangerous combination of cold temperatures and physical exertion –