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Posted On May 20, 2019 Personal Injury

East Orange NJ

As it turns out, you are the kind of person who hires a lawyer. You’re injured. You’re innocent. And you’re not about to let someone else’s reckless actions keep you down or hurt your family.

You’ll get what you deserve; we’ll make sure of it. Since 1994, our Newark personal attorney has handled local cases over and over again, cases involving car wrecks and struck pedestrians, medical mistakes and injuries on dangerous properties. Call Console and Associates today at (862) 229-1137. When we handle your case, you can be sure justice will be served, and that you’ll get what you’re owed.

Roadways, railways, business properties, all can be the site of life-changing accidents in East Orange.

The Three Steps You Must Take After Any Accident

Accidents happen in countless ways, but they all have one thing in common: if not handled the right way, the problems they cause will only grow.
After an accident, it’s essential that you:
1. Alert the authorities. In a car crash, that means the police department with jurisdiction over the accident site. On a business property, it might mean company personnel. The point is to document that the accident happened and make sure help is on the way. Always call 911 immediately after an emergency.

Even after the immediate aftermath of the accident, you may need additional help from entities like the following:

2. Gather evidence. If you’re well enough, start collecting evidence of the conditions that caused you to harm right away, even while you’re waiting for help to arrive.
Take pictures of dangerous conditions on a property or of the site of the collision and the damage to your vehicle. Ask witnesses to write down their contact information and what they noticed. Waiting too long could mean there’s not enough evidence for a strong case against the people who hurt you.

3. Get medical care immediately. Getting the right medical treatment is the most important action you should take after an injury. Yet it’s amazing how many people put themselves last and wait to see a doctor, sometimes so long that the time has hurt their health and their claim.
When you’ve been through an accident, your body has suffered a trauma that it’s not equipped to withstand. Your pain and discomfort probably won’t go away on its own. The sooner you get medical care, the better.

Your next stop after an accident might be the emergency room at East Orange General Hospital or at a hospital in nearby Newark. If you need therapy to regain your strength and independence, your journey to recovery might include a stay at Windsor Garden Care & Rehabilitation Center, a nursing and rehabilitation facility.

East Orange Motor Vehicle Collisions

The city’s prime location, half an hour from New York City, with the Garden State Parkway passing directly through the municipality, earned it the nickname, The Crossroads of New Jersey, the official city website reported. Unfortunately, with so many motorists driving through the region, Essex County has also been the site of more than 25,000 accidents per year, according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation. These collisions leave thousands of people wounded and dozens dead annually. Cell phones play a crucial role in these crashes. In recent years, Essex County has consistently seen more accidents involving cell phone use than any other county in the state, the New Jersey Department of Transportation reported.

Major highways like the Garden State Parkway might seem the most logical places for serious accidents to occur, but they aren’t the only dangers. Motorists have lost their lives in accidents on Central Avenue and South Grove Street as well as larger roads like Route 280. Over just three years, the portion of County Route 510 and South Orange Avenue that runs through East Orange and Newark saw 129 collisions, according to the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.
Though the rate of fatal car crashes across the state is decreasing, Essex County sees dozens of preventable crash deaths each year. This makes it among the deadliest counties in the state for drivers, and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians often find themselves hurt in motor vehicle accidents in East Orange and the surrounding cities. Perhaps it’s a consequence of squeezing more than 64,000 people into less than four square miles of land. Or a function of so many people using public transportation, and need to walk to the bus stops and railroad stations. What’s clear is that Essex County saw the third-highest number of pedestrian deaths in the state, and even one avoidable death or serious injury is too many.
Our firm has handled cases of pedestrians who suffered devastating injuries in collisions with cars. One woman suffered numerous injuries when a driver struck her, knocked her to the ground, and fled the scene. Another, a crossing guard, was knocked into a pole when a motorist ran the red light and disregarded the stop sign she carried.

Personal Injury Cases

Premises Liabilities and Other Dangers

Dangers exist in every neighborhood of East Orange, Ampere, Greenwood (the Teen Streets), the Presidential Estates, Elmwood, and Doddtown (Franklin), wherever someone in charge of a property or someone else’s safety fails to meet their legal responsibilities. Injuries can happen at the properties of the some of the city’s largest employers, like Allied Security LLC and Verizon NJ, or at businesses and private properties. During a stay at the Ramada East Orange hotel, a safety defect on the property or a security failure could leave you with severe injuries and no idea what to do next.

Medical Malpractice

Medical errors that can lead to serious damage, even death, can happen at any medical facility in East Orange, including:

  • East Orange General Hospital
  • The Veterans Health Administration Hospitals
  • Windsor Garden Care Center
  • Private residences, by home healthcare providers like staff from Northeastern Professional Nurses

Taking Back Your Life after an Accident

Some victims make the mistake of believing that they’re not the kind of person who sues., Too afraid of breaking some unwritten rule, they shy away from exercising the rights guaranteed to them under the law. They don’t get help. They never get better. They remain victims forever.

You don’t have to be one of these people. You might not feel like you have the strength to fight for your rights at the moment, but what’s important is that you have the will to make a change. We can do the rest. The New Jersey, personal injury attorneys at Console and Associates, know the truth about, the kind of people who hire a lawyer, that they’re the same people who refuse to let someone else’s mistakes control their destiny. With our Newark office located just minutes from East Orange by car or public transportation, you don’t have to look far for experienced representation.

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