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Posted On August 16, 2011 Personal Injury

Evesham Man Killed While Helping Motorist

An Evesham man was struck and killed on August 3 while assisting a stranded motorist on the shoulder of I-295. Keith Buxton was pronounced dead at the scene after a Chevy Malibu driven by Charles James hit him, sending him down the embankment. James’s vehicle drifted left while traveling northbound in the left lane. It then hit a guardrail and crossed three lanes before striking Buxton, who was assisting his daughter’s friend, Michael Cericola, whose Nissan was stranded. Buxton’s daughter, Kristen Buxton, was also at the scene. She received treatment for leg injuries at Helene Fuld Medical Center. James, whose injuries were unspecified, was treated at the same location. Cericola was not injured. The accident is currently under investigation. Our thoughts are with the Buxton family, Mr. Cericola and Mr. James as they come to terms with the events of August

Potential Legal Ramifications

The death of Mr. Buxton reveals the risk of providing roadside assistance on highways – a danger that New Jersey accident lawyers know well. Accidents of this kind can also serve to demonstrate the different types of civil claims. In an accident such as this one, a wrongful death claim and two injury claims could potentially be brought against the driver of the impacting vehicle. A person at the scene who was not physically injured may still experience mental anguish as a result of the events he or she witnessed. Under New Jersey law, mental anguish is a compensable injury. New Jersey accident lawyers help injury victims to move past the financial effects of auto accidents. Although settlements and court awards cannot guarantee healing or bring happiness for injury victims, they can compensate them for the financial repercussions of their physical and mental injuries.

When Should You Call an Injury Lawyer?

Injury claims can be filed weeks or months after an accident occurs, but eyewitness evidence, physical evidence and accident scene evidence can disappear quickly. This is why an NJ injury lawyer advises accident victims to call a lawyer from the scene of an accident whenever possible. If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, don’t wait until crucial evidence becomes difficult to obtain. Speak with an NJ car accident lawyer at Console & Associates P.C. today.