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Posted On November 4, 2011 Personal Injury

How Much Could Your Dog Bite Case Be Worth?

For over 17 years, the New Jersey accident attorneys at Console & Associates P.C. have seen just how serious dog bites can be. In addition to causing lacerations and broken bones, they also cause emotional wounds that are slow to heal. If you’ve been injured in a dog attack, speak with a NJ dog bite lawyer at our firm today. Like the dog-bite victims below, you may be entitled to compensation.

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

Sue Gorman – $2.2 million

In August of 2007, Sue Gorman, 59, was attacked by two pit bulls that entered her home through a sliding door. Upon finding Gorman in bed, the dogs attacked, causing injury to her face, arms and hands. The dogs had been reported to police on several occasions prior to the attack. A Washington jury decided that Gorman’s case was worth $2.2 million.

Elizabeth Jackson – $512,000

Back in 2010, Elizabeth Jackson, just 4 years old, was playing in her front yard when she was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. After seeing that the attack left her with serious physical and emotional injuries, a Pennsylvania jury decided that  Jackson’s case was worth $512,000.

Anne Krystopik – $1.5 million

Thirty-year-old Anne Krystopik was attacked in 2006 by a pit bull that her father was watching for a friend. The attack left her with 17 lacerations that needed 300 stitches. After considering the dog’s history and the fact that it was improperly restrained, a New Jersey jury decided that Krystopnik’s case was worth $1.5 million.

Alan Hill – $7.25 million

Alan Hill, 60, was attacked by three pit bulls as he mowed a lawn in 2008. The attack caused extensive damage to the majority of his body, and his physician predicted that his recovery would take years. After considering Hill’s medical bills, his pain and suffering and his reduced earning capacity, a Missouri jury decided that his case was worth $7.25 million.

Important Information for Dog-Bite Victims

The compensation you receive for a dog-bite injury depends on at least three things: the medical bills that result from your injury, your level of pain and suffering and whether the injury has caused you to lose wages or has reduced your earning capacity. The New Jersey dog bite lawyers at Console and Associates P.C. can help you assess these things to determine the potential worth of your case. If a dog has attacked and injured you, speak with a NJ personal injury lawyer from Console and Associates P.C. today.

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