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Posted On January 28, 2015 Current Events and News

How to Never Shovel Your Driveway Again

With the potential for snow in this week’s forecast, many of us are dreading the chore of snow removal. This one tip can make your cleanup much easier, and it works for everything from driveways to walkways. Put away the shovel – if you plan ahead, you might not need it at all!

The Most Efficient Way to Clear Snow (No Shovel Needed)

You don’t need much – a tarp, some rope or twine, and most importantly, time. If you wait until the snow starts falling, it will be too late.


  1. If desired, cover the driveway in a snow melt chemical (salt or otherwise – whatever you would usually use) and put down ropes or another item – use your resources and your imagination – that will serve as a barrier between the tarp and the ground. These steps are optional, but they can help prevent the tarp from sticking to the ground if conditions get icy.
  2. Spread your tarp or plastic sheet over the desired area. If you’re expecting a lot of snow, it might be easier to use smaller pieces of tarp that you will be able to move without much effort.
  3. Use rope, twine, or string to create handles that will help you move the tarp when it’s time.
  4. Finally, if the conditions are windy, find something to weigh down the tarp so it doesn’t blow away.


  1. After the snow falls, find the rope handles you made and use them to pull the tarp off of your driveway or walkway.
  2. Empty the snow somewhere that won’t be a hassle – on your lawn or on either side of your driveway, but not in the road. Pushing more snow into the road is unsafe, and in many places, illegal.
  3. You’re done! Enjoy the time you’ve reclaimed by not having to shovel.

Instructables.com bills this as “the laziest way imaginable” to clear a driveway, but I prefer to think of it as the most efficient method. After all, shoveling snow isn’t a task most of us find valuable in and of itself. Sure, the movements can burn a few calories, but probably not so many that it’s better than your usual workout routine. The time we spend shoveling takes us away from something more important or something we would rather be doing. Just think how much valuable time you can take back if you never have to shovel your driveway again.