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Posted On August 19, 2019 Personal Injury

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation which is also known as PennDOT is responsible for overseeing most of the transportation within the state. PennDOT has a budget of $3.8 billion from state and federal funds.

This money is used to make sure that the road infrastructure is maintained and they employ some 7,200 people across the state to do this. There are around 120,000 miles of both state and local roadways as well as 31,000 bridges which the budget is used to service. PennDOT directly oversees some 40,000 miles of these roads and nearly 25,000 bridges. This takes nearly three quarters of their funding and the majority of their 11,375 staff.

The PennDOT service also has the job of providing and administering the driver licenses, motor vehicle titles and registration. The organization makes sure vehicle emissions are within their program’s rules and provide a vehicle safety inspection program as well. Driver services are found in over 1700 locations throughout the state with motor vehicle offices operated by private business but regulated by PennDOT. The driver license offices are all owned and operated by PennDOT themselves, however.

The service is responsible for administering the 11.8 million registered vehicles as well as the 10.3 million driver’s licenses in the state and they do this through their network of 71 driver license centers.

PennDOT isn’t just responsible for motor vehicle transportation, they also supervise mass transit, rail traffic, aviation and shipping, supporting the ports of Erie, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is headquartered in Harrisburg and they operate 11 engineering districts with locations in all 67 counties in the state.

Whitman Plaza

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation offices located in the Whitman Plaza, South Philadelphia offers easy parking for using the services of this driver license center. It is located close to the Schuylkill Expressway as well as not being far from the center of Whitman and Lower Moyamensing districts of the city.

DMV offices can be very notorious for long waiting times and rude staff, but the facility in Whitman Plaza has gained a good reputation with many of the drivers who have made the trip. The feedback from drivers isn’t universally good, of course, but the office seems to have a better reputation than many DMVs with an overall rating of 3.7 out of five.

The plaza houses a number of other businesses including a Subway, GameStop, a bank, clothing stores as well as other retailers and restaurants. There is a large parking lot in the center of the plaza with the stores arranged around the outside along with a regular bus service.

Directions to Our Law Offices

If you’ve been in a serious motor vehicle accident Console and Associates P.C. has won over $100,000,000 for our clients in our 25 year history. If you have been through a difficult period due to an accident, we have the experience to work towards getting you the best financial outcome we can.

If you were to travel from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, located in the Whitman Plaza to our offices, you would take a right out of the plaza onto West Oregon Avenue. When you get to South Front Street make a right turn onto it and stay in the right lane and use the slip road onto I-95 North.

You will merge onto the I-95 and continue for 2.5 miles. Look out for exit 22 and stay in the two left lanes in preparation for leaving I-95. Exit 22 follows two tunnels and will take you towards US-30 West and Central Philadelphia. Stay in the left lane heading for Central Philadelphia.

After you have passed the exit for Independence Hall and East US-30 you should stick to the right-hand lane to merge onto I-676 West US-30. You will pass under several bridges before your exit for PA 611, Broad Street and Central Philadelphia appears.

Follow the slipway from I-676 round and merge onto North 15th Street. Continue on North 15th Street for half a mile until you see Dilworth Park and the Philadelphia City Hall on your left. Take a left immediately after that onto South Penn Square and shortly thereafter turn right onto South Broad Street.

Take the second turning on the right onto Sansom Street where there is a parking lot close to the offices of Console and Associates. We are ready and willing to help you with your car accident injury claim and we are committed to fighting on your behalf.