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Posted On February 27, 2014 Accident Tips & Prevention

Real Heroes Wear Badges, Not Capes: Andy Lovell

EMS Chief Andy Lovell proves that a hero’s courage extends beyond running into burning buildings or onto the grisly scene of an accident. Sometimes heroes have to put that same commitment and dedication to use in leading teams of first responders and coordinating life-saving efforts all around.

The Gloucester County EMS consists of 11 stations, 23 ambulances, and 170 staff members. Managing such an expansive organization might seem like a major challenge in and of itself, but Lovell takes leadership a step further by facilitating regular meetings between EMS captains and hospital staff. By working together, these groups make sure that patients really are getting the best possible care from the moment emergency personnel arrive at the scene and that the transition from the ambulance to the ER is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Consistent with his record of going above and beyond for the sake of his community, Lovell has also coordinated disaster preparedness drills that get numerous organizations throughout the community involved in public safety preparations. Community members say that Lovell’s efforts have immeasurably strengthened the relationship between local hospitals and emergency services in Gloucester County.

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