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Posted On October 18, 2011 Personal Injury

The Impact of Legal Videography on Depositions

In a deposition, an attorney solicits information from a witness before a case goes to court. Traditionally, the witness’s responses are recorded in a transcript. But today, many attorneys choose to record a deposition on video as well – a decision that can help influence a jury’s opinion.

The Effect of Visual Testimony

In a recent study, participants were asked to identify which of six communications contained a lie. Each video communication featured a visible speaker, and all of the participants who identified the video that contained the lie did so based on the non-verbal behavior of the speaker. The same thing can happen when jurors see a witness lie in a video deposition.

Psychologists attribute the power of video depositions to two factors: people gauge truthfulness via visual cues, and most people remember what they see better than they remember what they hear. Another advantage of video depositions is that jurors are able to see an attorney’s behavior. If an attorney is respectful and the witness still does or says things that seem untrue, the evidence can seem even stronger for the viewer.

Can Legal Videography Help Injury Victims?

Legal videography can benefit any case in which depositions are taken, including injury cases. In fact, major lawsuits have been won based on the impact of a video deposition. At Console & Associates P.C., our New Jersey injury lawyers use legal videography when it can help secure a settlement or win a court case. If you’ve been injured in an accident and someone else saw it happen, speak with a New Jersey accident attorney today. The witness’s testimony could prove valuable to your case.

For 25 years, the New Jersey injury lawyers at Console and Associates P.C. have helped injury victims recover damages. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we’ll use every legal strategy available to us, including legal videography, to win your case. Contact a New Jersey accident attorney at Console & Associates P.C. today for a free consultation.

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