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Posted On September 20, 2016 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Childhood Accidents?

Learn about the types of accidents that most commonly injure children – and how you can protect your child’s health and legal rights.

Childhood is a time of wonder, of curiosity, of exploring and learning about the world. But the world can be a dangerous place, especially when individuals act carelessly.

The most common accidents that harm children include:

  • Dog bites
  • Defective products
  • Dangerous premises
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Doctor’s errors

Dog Bites

Serious injuries from dog bites don’t happen a lot. But when they do happen, they typically affect children.

Do you know what to do if a dog bites your child?

In fact, children between the ages of five and nine are the most at risk and have the highest rate of dog bite injuries, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reported.

Dog bites to children can cause disfiguring wounds, debilitating nerve damage, and permanent scarring. Infections from dog bites are common, and the spread of diseases like rabies is also possible.


Defective Products

Every year, thousands of defective products are recalled, often because they present a very real danger. Unfortunately, many of these are children’s products, including:

  • Toys
  • Car seats
  • Cribs
  • High chairs
  • Other children’s furniture

Do you know about these deadly hazards in your home – and in your child’s toy box?

Some of the most disturbing defective children’s products our firm has encountered include:

  • Magnetic toys strong enough to cause fatal internal damage if swallowed
  • Biting baby dolls
  • Kids’ craft materials that contain gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) – the date rape drug – and can cause children to slip into a coma

Safety Hazards on Dangerous Properties

In their eagerness to explore the world around them, children are naturals at getting themselves mildly hurt. But when you combine children with a dangerous premises, it’s not just minor bumps and bruises that result. Serious accidents involving children can occur in a variety of places, including private residences, business properties, poorly maintained playgrounds, schools, and daycare centers.

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of death among children in the United States, according to the CDC. Hundreds of young children die each year in a motor vehicle collision. The total number of children injured in crashes is more than 120,000 annually.


You might not realize the danger you’re in – the danger your child is in – every time you get behind the wheel.That’s why it’s so important to carefully and completely buckle your kids into age-appropriate car seats, booster seats, or seat belts every time.

You can’t always control what others on the road are doing. If you find yourself in the path of a reckless driver, it’s essential that your child is safely secured in the vehicle. That car seat could be the only thing protecting your child in the event of a crash.

Medical Mistakes

Doctors’ errors aren’t as common as patients – particularly parents – would like to think. When they affect children, they are particularly tragic. Medical malpractice affecting children can begin even before the child is born, if doctors make mistakes during the mother’s pregnancy or during childbirth.

One of the most well-known – and severe – types of birth injuries is cerebral palsy.

What to Do If Your Child Suffers Accident Injuries

Get Medical Care NOW

The very first thing you must do if your child has been hurt in an accident is get him or her to the doctor right away. It’s hard to tell the extent of the injuries right now – but they could be life-changing, or even life-threatening. Never delay getting medical care for your injured child.

Start Your Search for an Accident Attorney

Hopefully, it turns out that your kid’s injuries are minor, short-term, and easily treated. But if the injuries are more serious, then it’s essential that you protect your child’s rights by speaking with an accident lawyer.

Generally, the statute of limitations – that is, the deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit – is two years from the date of the accident. For minors, this statute typically doesn’t begin until the individual turns 18 years old.

However, there are exceptions that could reduce the time your family has to take action – and there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t wait years before you speak with an attorney.

Compensation for an accident isn’t automatic. Over the course of your child’s claim, you’ll need to prove that the person or company responsible for the accident was negligent. But if you wait five, 10, even 17 years, you might have a hard time proving any such thing. The evidence that could have supported your case is lost. The witnesses who glimpsed the accident have long forgotten exactly what they saw.

There are few things harder on a parent than seeing your child in pain and being unable to do anything to stop it. But you’re not helpless.

You may not be able to undo what’s happened to your child, but you can make sure your kid is getting the best medical care – so he or she can make the best recovery.

If you need more information on getting help after your child’s accident, give us a call anytime.