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Posted On May 30, 2012 Personal Injury

What Information Will My Personal Injury Attorney Need?

When you make the decision to pursue a personal injury claim there is certain information that you will want to immediately disclose to your law firm. This information is necessary not only to inform them of the specifics surrounding your accident, but also so that they are fully prepared to handle any issues that could potentially be raised by the opposing party over the course of the claim. Often times, our clients are unsure of why certain information must be provided to New Jersey personal injury lawyers because they feel it is unrelated or unnecessary, but while it may seem unrelated to you, full disclosure will only strengthen your case.

1) Accident Reports

The first thing that you will need to provide is the accident reports from the incident. This could include police reports and reports taken from the scene such as an incident report at a store or workplace. These reports are official documents pertaining to the accident.

2) Medical Reports & History

Your attorneys will also need proper documentation of the medical treatment you are receiving as well as the records for any past injuries. This is one of the aspects that is puzzling to many of the people we speak with as they do not understand why unrelated medical issues would even come up in their current claim. The simple explanation is that anything in your medical past will be uncovered in the discovery (or fact-gathering) portion of your claim, and if we are not aware of the past injuries you can be sure that the opposing side will find them. We need full disclosure from you not because you past medical issues will necessarily hurt your case, but simply so that we are a step ahead of our opponents in knowing what has happened in your past.

3) Accident Evidence

This can include things such as photos, witness statements, and any other documents that will assist us in a full understanding of the incident. Following an accident, your number one concern should be seeking proper medical treatment, but if you are able to take some photos on your phone and get the contact information of any witnesses it would greatly help your claim. The photos should include the accident scene, any contributing circumstances (like an object on the floor that caused you to fall or a defect on the roadway), pictures of any property damage, and images of your injuries. Other types of evidence could include the shoes you were wearing if you were involved in a slip-and-fall accident.

4) Injury & Pain Documentation

Following your accident, you should keep a daily journal that documents your injuries and pain and how they are progressing. You should also note any daily activities that you are unable to perform as a result of your injuries. The reasoning behind this is two-fold. One, this will help your doctor better understand your injuries and help with treatment decisions. Two, it will aid your claim in that it is documentation of the pain and struggles your injuries have caused you.

While there may be more things you will need to provide, these are some of the things that will play a key role in the outcome of your claim. For more information about pursuing a personal injury claim or for a free case evaluation from one of our skilled legal professionals, call us today at (866) 778-5500.