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Posted On September 10, 2013 Personal Injury

Your Questions Answered: If a Friend or Family Member Caused My Accident, Should I Still File a Personal Injury Claim? I Don’t Want to Sue Them Or Get Them in Trouble.

“Remember that time you sued me?” isn’t exactly the kind of chatter you want to have at special family gatherings or while hanging out with friends. Coping with serious injuries can be hard enough, but when a friend or family member caused those injuries, you may feel like you are facing an almost impossible decision. Should you sue your loved one and put them through a financial hardship just to get the money you deserve, or should you give up your legal right to pursue compensation and sacrifice your health, your financial stability, and possibly your future? No one wants to be forced to make such a decision. We sure wouldn’t.

Fortunately, if you reach out to a knowledgeable attorney, you’ll learn that you have options. We only seek money from insurance companies, never individuals, so you never have to feel guilty about recovering the compensation you need.

You Can Still Get the Compensation You Deserve

A single mistake doesn’t make your friend or family member a bad person, and it shouldn’t have to wreck your relationship or create tension. Surely your loved one wants you to get better. He or she wants you to have access to all of the medical care that could ease your pain, improve your mobility, and heal your injuries. No caring friend or family member would want your family to suffer financially because the injuries you sustained in the accident they caused have kept you out of work.

Though it’s called a “personal” injury claim, recovering the money you deserve doesn’t have to be a personal attack on your loved one. He or she will be named on the claim, but only to access his or her auto insurance policy. You won’t have to sue your friend or face off against him or her in an epic court battle. Instead, we’ll negotiate with your love one’s insurance company, demanding maximum compensation and collecting every bit of necessary evidence to support your claim. It’s the insurance company’s job to pay for damages caused by their policyholders. Choosing not to pursue a claim doesn’t help you get better or stay financially secure during recovery, and it doesn’t help your family member or friend who caused the accident, either. All it really does is allow the insurance company continue adding to its already high profits by charging your loved one pricy premiums and never having to uphold their part of the bargain.

When a friend or family member has caused you injuries, call us to get the help you need without having to sue your loved one personally.