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Posted On September 3, 2013 Personal Injury

Your Questions Answered: Who Is Going to Pay Up Front for All of the Costs and Expenses of My Case?

One of the most common hesitations that prevent accident victims from pursuing a personal injury claim is the fear that it could bankrupt them. We get it – you’re already under enough financial stress. You’ve missed time at work, and that means your family’s not receiving the income it needs to pay bills and maintain a lifestyle. It has nothing to do with how much money you make or financially conscious you are – many families across the country depend on that regular income. You might not be living paycheck-to-paycheck necessarily, but each pay you miss makes it harder to afford even your family’s basic needs, much less the important non-essentials like school field trips, occasional family outings and gifts around the holidays.

Add to this strain the medical expenses you seem to be incurring almost daily – copay here, an over-the-counter medication there – and of course your finances really can’t handle another surprise. So if your first response to the prospect of hiring an attorney to pursue a personal injury claim is, “it’s too expensive,” you might not give it another thought.

We know this. We also know that you need help right now, whether or not it’s in your current budget to afford it. That’s why we make you an important promise: you will pay nothing out of your personal finances upfront when you hire us to pursue a personal injury claim. We take care of every expense, and you don’t pay us back unless we win compensation for you.

Keeping Costs Down

We’re not the only attorneys who only charge you if we win. The practice is known as working on a “contingency basis,” and it’s common among personal injury attorneys. However, we always go the extra mile to ensure that we keep the costs of pursing your claim as low as possible without ever sacrificing quality. After all, it does you little good to recover the full amount of compensation you deserve, only to have huge sums of money nickel-and-dimed out of your takeaway pay because a less-than-frugal law office overcharged you for unnecessary services. It’s no secret that when a company is spending your money rather than its own, it may not be as careful about staying under budget.

At our office, we know that keeping costs to a reasonable amount matters to you – that’s why it matters to us. We keep more money in your pocket through practices such as using digital communication over costly physical mailings. We limit your expenses and negotiate down your medical costs as much as possible.