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Posted On November 17, 2016 Scholarship

2016 Legal Scholarship Winner

Announcing the 2016 Legal Scholarship Winner:

Megan Foertsch has a unique story that pushed her to pursue her law degree. Megan discovered she wanted to become a lawyer at a young age, after hearing about an accident that involved a number of her schoolmates.

In May 2014, five Farmingdale, NY, teens were tragically lost in a drag racing accident. The student who had allegedly challenged the driver of the vehicle to the race was prosecuted for causing the deaths. Megan feels strongly that one person should not be punished when all of the other participants had their own choice, and all had consumed alcohol while underage. In her scholarship essay, she stated that she would like to have seen justice served in a different way, one that didn’t hinder a young man’s life forever because of everyone’s mistakes. Megan seeks to help people who need someone on their side when no one else is.

Megan is currently in the Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Program at Farmingdale State College and will receive her degree in 2018. After she obtains her degree, she wishes to pursue her Juris Doctor. She currently works in a law firm in the billing department, which gives her insight and knowledge of terms used in the legal field. Megan enjoys reading up on current trials to find out new information and forming opinions on controversial cases.

On behalf of everyone at Console and Associates P.C., congratulations on being our 2016 scholarship winner, Megan! Keep up the hard work.