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Personal Injury | August 19, 2014

Ask the Attorney: Deadlines for Your Claim Range from Two Years to a Matter of Days

Asker: How long do I have to file a claim for injuries from a car accident or medical malpractice?

Attorney: I always say that after an accident, time isn’t on your side. There are time limits that restrict your legal rights to seek compensation for your injuries. These deadlines are called statutes of limitations, and they vary not only from state to state, but also depending

Personal Injury | August 12, 2014

Ask the Attorney: Slip-and-Fall Victims Can Sue, but They’ll Need Help

Asker: Can I sue for a slip-and-fall in a store or parking lot? The company was very unapologetic about the incident and they were expecting me to handle my medical bills on my own. Can I sue for the slip and medical bills or would it be considered too minor?

Attorney: Of all the types of accidents out there, it seems that slip-and-fall injuries are among the

Personal Injury | August 5, 2014

Ask the Attorney: It’s Possible (and Good) to Pay Out-of-Pocket Accident Medical Expenses after Settlement

Asker: Can I request to be billed for copayment when seeing a specialist, like a neurologist, after an accident. I am currently not able to work and can’t pay out of pocket now?

Attorney: Pursuing a personal injury claim can take time, so you might not see the money you deserve for a little while. That shouldn’t prevent you from getting the treatment you need now. You

Personal Injury | July 24, 2014

The Invincibility Myth: Distracted Drivers Don’t Let Facts Influence Behavior

They say knowledge is power, but a disturbing new safety study proves that knowing an action is dangerous apparently doesn’t stop drivers from doing it anyway. A Harris poll published late last month found that of the thousands of drivers surveyed, large percentages clearly recognized the risks of driving while distracted or intoxicated – and then admitted to engaging in those same hazardous behaviors.

It’s alarming that

Personal Injury | July 22, 2014

Ask the Attorney: Insurance Adjusters Aren’t Friends and Fair Settlements Are Relative

Asker: Do I have to accept what the insurance company offers me for an injury claim? If I accept a settlement offer that doesn’t cover all of my damages, do I give up my right to pursue compensation for the remaining damages? How do I know if the offer is a fair amount?

Attorney: Choosing to accept or reject a settlement offer is always a gamble. If

Personal Injury | July 15, 2014

Ask the Attorney: PIP Is Behind Medical Deductibles and Copays after NJ Car Accidents

Asker: In New Jersey, do I have to pay medical bills for an accident that wasn’t my fault? If I go through my insurance, I have to pay the $2,500 deductible before they pay for anything. I didn’t even know when signing up for this policy that there was a medical deductible. I don’t feel like I should be paying for an accident I didn’t cause.


Personal Injury | July 8, 2014

Ask the Attorney: Can Victims Get Help If They Can’t “Afford” a Laywer?

Asker: I was hurt in a car accident recently, but I can’t afford my own attorney at this stage. Why are lawyers so expensive? Do they always charge up front for fees? I want to sue, but can’t afford the fees right now.

Attorney: I’m sorry to hear about your accident. You’re not alone if you’re having financial problems resulting from it. Most of the clients my

Accident Tips & Prevention | June 19, 2014

Swimming Pool Accidents and the Little-Known Danger of Secondary Drowning

If your summer plans include a dip in the pool or a swim in the ocean, then it’s important that you know the dangers of drowning and what you can do to prevent an accident or cope with a drowning injury. When you think of drowning, you probably imagine a nightmarish scenario in which you find your child unresponsive at the bottom of the pool. Yet with

Personal Injury | June 10, 2014

Foul Play: Insurance Co.’s Would Rather Pay More and Give You Less

You’ve heard the saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face, but insurance companies take the concept to whole new levels of bizarre. More than once, we’ve seen them essentially keep policyholders prisoners in hospitals rather than discharging them according to doctors’ orders just so the insurance company wouldn’t have to pay for necessary medical equipment. No matter that another day of hospitalization costs substantially

Personal Injury | May 27, 2014

Foul Play: Insurance Adjuster Sees Medical Records, But Just Doesn’t Believe Them

You pay your auto insurance premiums in exchange for a promise of coverage. In states with no-fault laws involving accidents, a crucial part of that coverage is personal injury protection, or PIP, the portion of coverage which pays your medical bills if you are hurt. But imagine that you get hurt and that the insurance company to whom you’ve paid thousands of dollars suddenly decides that it

Accident Tips & Prevention, Current Events and News | May 20, 2014

Foul Play: Insurance Company Stalks Claimant Just In Case She’s Lying about Her Address

Imagine how it might feel to know that everywhere you go, someone is following you, perhaps videotaping or photographing you without your consent. You find cars tailing you when you leave work at the end of the day. Suspicious people pursue you everywhere, even coming to your workplace and seeking out personal information about you from your coworkers. Eventually, every shadow startles you.

If you thought only

Personal Injury | May 13, 2014

Foul Play: It’s the Victim’s Own Fault That Truck Backed into Her Parked Car, Apparently

You hear a lot about the rules of the road, but usually they apply to people who are actually moving: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists. In his quest to get out of paying a claim, one particular insurance adjuster invented a “rule” that left us pretty shocked. Apparently people in vehicles parked on the sides of the street are the ones responsible if a truck driver backs into

Accident Tips & Prevention | May 8, 2014

Ladders Top List of Workplace Dangers

The risk of workplace injuries involving ladders is, well, high. Falls are among the most common causes of deadly unintentional injuries, and not just in the workplace – everywhere. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzed work injury data from 2011 and ladders play a significant role in fall injuries, especially in the workplace.

Statistics? You’d Better Be Sitting Down

When we talk about falls

Personal Injury | April 30, 2014

Medical Misdiagnoses Are More Common – and Dangerous – Than You’d Expect

A study from international healthcare journal BMJ Quality & Safety suggests that doctors make more mistakes than we realize when it comes to identifying our medical conditions. Medical errors happen with astonishing frequency, but the results of this study illustrate that misdiagnosis is far more common than the average American probably thinks. Each year in the United States, 12,000,000 patients are misdiagnosed.

Statistically, that means one in

Personal Injury | April 29, 2014

Foul Play: Insurance Company Claims Victim Isn’t Covered – But Should Keep Paying Her Premiums Anyway!

It’s a funny thing about insurance companies. With one hand, they delay paying policyholder claims, while the other takes more of your money. Could you imagine your auto insurance company telling you that you’re not covered on the policy after you’ve been paying them premiums for years? Neither could our client – but that’s exactly what happened when she got into her accident.

No-Fault and Apparently No