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Philadelphia PA | August 20, 2019

Independence Hall

The independence hall holds a lot of historical memories. It was back in the year 1776 when a group of 56 men held a meeting in the Pennsylvania House, which was against the king’s orders. Tours to the independence hall are usually guided, and there are tons of things to explore. It’s on Chestnut Street and lies between the 5th and 6th streets. It’s open from 0900

Philadelphia PA | August 19, 2019

Wagner Free Institute of Science

If you are in town for a few days and love museums, then The Wagner Free Institute of Science Museum is one place you definitely have to visit. While Philadelphia has its fair share of museums, this is hands down its best-hidden gem. The museum is full of natural history collections that include dinosaur bones, shells, insects, minerals and rocks, fossils, mammals, mounted birds and an impressive

Philadelphia PA | August 19, 2019

Please Touch Museum

Childhood memories are created through games, and they help a child to discover their different abilities. Please, Touch Museum is one of the famous and old centers still offering various children activities. The Three decades old Museum has developed to be one of the best museums in Philadelphia. It aims at enriching the lives of kids between the age of 1-7 years. The Museum allows them

Firm News, Philadelphia PA | August 19, 2019

Bartram’s Garden

On a blustery yet beautifully sunny day, I went searching for William Bartram. Being a nature photographer, I wanted to check out the home of a family full of nature lovers and discover this fantastic historical garden. William Bartram was born in 1739, and his family lived in Kingsessing, which was where Philadelphia was at the time. He wrote Travels in 1791 about his adventures through the