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Case Studies, Truck Injury | July 23, 2019

Hit by a Tow Truck on Delsea Drive in Washington Township – $300,000

He mixes of high speeds, tailgating, and a massive vehicle creates a dangerous combination. Unfortunately, our client saw firsthand just how dangerous when he found himself in the path of a speeding tow truck one June afternoon.

The Accident

Our client had been driving on Route 47 in Washington Township when the crash occurred. He approached an intersection where he needed to make a left turn. Like

Auto Injury, Case Studies | July 23, 2019

Cervical Spine Fracture in Multi-Car Collision – Mansfield Township, NJ – $300,000

The October morning that everything changed for our client began pretty typically. He had already begun his workday and was one of several passengers in a van traveling through Burlington County, New Jersey. The van neared the Mansfield Township intersection where State Highway 68 crossed Nade Drive, its driver, and passengers unaware of what they were about to encounter.

As the vehicle carrying our client vehicle entered

Case Studies, Truck Injury | July 23, 2019

Head-on Collision with Construction Truck in Woolwich Township – $275,000

Nothing could have prepared our client for the sight that met her eyes in the seconds before the accident. She was driving on Kings Highway, on her way home from the gym, when an oncoming flatbed Mack truck pulling a paving machine lost control and abruptly swerved into her lane. She had no time even to attempt to get out of its way. There was nothing she

Case Studies, Slip and Fall Lawyer | July 23, 2019

Slip and Fall – Cervical Myelopathy – $265,000

Injuries in the workplace can be devastating‚ and navigating the sometimes confusing world where personal injury claims overlap with worker’s compensation can be intimidating—but there are skilled attorneys who can help.

Our client was working as a deliveryman, and he was required to make transport to a restaurant in Lindenwold‚ New Jersey. As part of the delivery to this particular location‚ he needed to bring the order