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Our passion for helping families affected by accidents just like yours is the reason our firm exists.

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Suzanne M. –  “Great overall experience with the team at Console & Associates to date. I was able to call in, and they were able to send me paperwork to sign while I was still on the phone with them! They take their time with you and try to make you feel like you are their only client. They are very quick to respond to any questions I may have, and the best part is that they are just a phone call away. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for representation for a Personal Injury claim.”

5 stars

Mary C. – Prompt attention to your concerns. Knowledgeable and Attentive lawyer. Confident I have chosen the right Lawyers for my case

5 stars

Briante M. – I have had the greatest experience letting this firm handle my case. I really don’t have to worry about much but recovery, anything I need I can call and they make it happen . . . I recommend to any and everyone if you been injured in an accident these are the people you want on your side!




We Get Results



Our client, a Deptford, New Jersey, woman, had just put her young daughter on the school bus when an accident she couldn’t have predicted – or even imagined – disrupted what should have been an uneventful walk home. Read More



When two Air Force Sergeants accompanied friends to the “soft opening” of Trenton’s Rho Restaurant/Discotecha for drinks, they had no idea that the night would change their lives forever. Read More



Our client has no memory of the station wagon that ran him over as he biked through an affluent neighborhood in the Philadelphia suburbs. His simple bike ride to a friend’s house had turned suddenly violent‚ the impact knocking the teenager from his bicycle and into the street. Read More



While working at the construction site, our client stepped into an 18-inch-deep hole in the building’s concrete flooring. The sudden drop caused his back to twist violently. Read More



Our client, a phlebotomist at the Livingston Township, NJ, LabCorp, arrived at work around 6:15 one March morning in 2010. As she walked from her car through the parking lot of the Cider Mill Professional Condominiums building, she encountered a patch of black ice. Read More



What began as just another day at work ultimately changed the life of our client, a tractor-trailer driver who wasn’t even moving at the time of the accident. Read More




Client Testimonials

They Get Results

“They’re very friendly, they know what they’re doing, it’s a nice environment and they get results.”

Like He’s Part of My Family

“He gave me encouragement. He guided me through the legal stuff. I became more and more comfortable, like he’s part of the family.”

He Made Me Feel Really at Ease

“I met with the lawyer, he told me what they do and he made me feel really at ease. I never expected any money or reimbursement but to find out how much money I got, to me, it’s really unbelievable.”




We Understand

Console & Associates Team Contact page imageWe are real people who have experienced injuries, too.

People often feel that attorneys are not compassionate and focus mostly on the details of the law. While we do work diligently on every detail of your case, we are dedicated because we have been in your shoes. Our lawyers have experienced pain, mistreatment, and negligence, and so have many of our close family members and friends. We fight for justice because we know firsthand the pain and confusion a serious injury can cause. We understand all too well how you feel right now, and we’ll do all we can to help make life after an accident easier on you.

Don’t wait for the statute of limitations to take away your legal rights, or for you to feel too overwhelmed by the claims process to know what to do next. Start getting help right now, before your legal claim becomes a burden to your recovery and your family.

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