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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Neck Injury from Being Hit by Recycling Can – Deptford, NJ – $859,000

Our client, a Deptford, New Jersey, woman, had just put her young daughter on the school bus when an accident she couldn’t have predicted – or even imagined – disrupted what should have been an uneventful walk home. She passed a recycling truck operated by Republic Services of New Jersey that was on her street emptying recycling containers. The mechanical arms of the truck moved to lift one recycling can, but negligently snagged a second trash can that had become attached to the first. This second can, not secured by the arms of the mechanical lift, was propelled over the truck and struck our client, knocking her to the ground.

Our client was immediately taken to Kennedy Memorial Hospital, where she underwent X-rays of her shoulder and neck. Over the next six months, she endured numerous diagnostic tests, showing that she had sustained serious injuries, including a herniated disc in her neck. She underwent physical therapy and ultimately had to undergo surgery. Despite undergoing spinal surgery, our client still experienced persistent symptoms.

Faced with mounting medical bills, a significant injury, and Republic Services not accepting responsibility for the accident, the client retained Console & Associates P.C. to get her the compensation she deserved and needed. Because Republic Services continually refused to accept responsibility for the accident based upon it’s truck driver’s statement that the can only be landed near the client but did not strike her, the case went to trial before a jury. At trial, Republic Services repeatedly called our client a “liar” in front of the jury, as if she had concocted the terrible series of events. Our attorneys spent a week fighting out this battle in court, meticulously presenting to the jury the evidence that Republic Services was negligent and that the errant can did strike and injure the client. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury agreed and decided in favor of our client, and we obtained a verdict of $859,000 – enough to help our client get her life back on track.