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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Multiple Injuries – Slip and Fall on Ice: Livingston Township, NJ – $475,000

Our client, a phlebotomist at the Livingston Township, NJ, LabCorp, arrived at work around 6:15 one March morning in 2010. As she walked from her car through the parking lot of the Cider Mill Professional Condominiums building, she encountered a patch of black ice. She slipped and fell to the ground, landing on her left side but with her right knee twisted beneath her.

At first, in shock, our client tried to dismiss the accident and go about her workday. Just minutes after the accident, though, she began feeling pain – in her back, shoulder, hand, hip, and knee. She switched roles for the day with a coworker so that she wouldn’t have to walk and aggravate her injuries, but within just a few hours, she was in a lot of pain. Despite spending the rest of the weekend at home in bed, she was still in so much pain on Monday that she was unable to work. Instead, she went to the emergency room.

Our client’s subsequent medical journey lasted for more than a year and a half. It included numerous MRIs, several minor surgical procedures, and treatment by more than a dozen different doctors or medical facilities. She had physical therapy, chiropractic care, electric stimulation, and injections. Her numerous injuries ranged from severe headaches to strains and sprains in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of her spine, from a hematoma in her hip to a bone bruise in her knee, and they included herniated and bulging discs and nerve impingement. At times, she was forced to rely on a cane to help her walk.

These serious injuries prevented our client from returning to work – permanently. She was forced to file for disability and, in the meantime, suffered massive wage losses on top of the physical injuries she had already endured. Everything about her life became more difficult because of the accident. Her injuries made it difficult for her to drive. She could no longer pick up or play with her young children in the same way she did before the accident, and her injuries made it difficult to care for them.

Many slips and fall victims don’t get the help they need. They don’t realize that coverage is available or that the property owner is legally responsible for the ice or other safety hazards that caused them to fall. Fortunately, this victim called us – and it’s a good thing she did.

See, our client didn’t just happen to find the one lone patch of ice in the parking lot. With no salt spread on the ground to melt the ice, there were dangerous, invisible icy spots scattered throughout the parking lot. The property owner had failed to keep the premises safe for visitors, and now an employee unsuspectingly walking into work would have to live with permanent injuries and would never be able to do her job again. None of this was fair.

On behalf of our client, our New Jersey slip and fall attorneys worked to recover $475,000 for the slip and fall accident and the extensive damages that resulted from it. While no amount of money can reverse the accident, getting the compensation she deserves will make a big difference in being able to afford future medical care and being able to help support her family.