Worksite Injury – $825,000

Construction sites can be high-risk areas for accidents if companies and their general contractors don’t take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of workers. Injuries sustained by construction workers in partially-built structures can be significant, especially when hazards are partially concealed. Companies that are lax in their adherence to workplace safety regulations place everyone at risk, including pedestrians who might be walking by the sites. Our client‚ a carpenter, working on an office building project in Moorestown‚ experienced the tragic outcome of such a failure in safety protocols firsthand.

While working at the construction site, our client stepped into an 18-inch-deep hole in the building’s concrete flooring. The sudden drop caused his back to twist violently. He crumpled to the floor in severe pain. Barely able to walk‚ let alone work‚ he sought medical attention for his injuries. Doctors discovered multiple herniated discs in his back and extensive nerve damage responsible for sending shooting pain throughout his limbs. He endured five surgeries to implant‚ adjust and remove a device designed to block nerve signals and alleviate his crippling pain.

Our investigation into Blue Rock Construction Company revealed a previous complaint from a subcontractor complaining of the many uncovered holes in the flooring and risks they posed to those working on the site. Seeing clear negligence‚ we pursued the construction company along with several other businesses‚ including Lucent Technologies‚ Reliable Telecomm Inc. and Hutchinson Cabinets for compensation for our client’s lifelong injuries.

Our attorneys went up against more than four different law firms representing the defendants in our quest to advocate for our client’s rights. The $825‚000 settlement our lawyers obtained at the start of a jury trial is a testament to the aggressive representation we provided and our thorough preparation of the case as we moved forward to trial. The money helped compensate our client for his medical bills as well as the wages he lost since he was no longer able to continue working as a carpenter after the accident. With financial security, he was able to pursue a new career and provide for his family’s future.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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