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Posted On July 23, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

Hit and Run Accident – $635,000

Our client has no memory of the station wagon that ran him over as he biked through an affluent neighborhood in the Philadelphia suburbs. His simple bike ride to a friend’s house had turned suddenly violent‚ the impact knocking the teenager from his bicycle and into the street. Emergency responders airlifted him to a nearby hospital.

The driver‚ S. Lammers‚ had fled the scene in the face of approaching sirens and emergency vehicles. She would later tell police she believed she hit a deer, but that excuse failed to explain why she attempted to hide her damaged vehicle in a garage away from public view. When found her vehicle showed clear evidence of being involved in a hit-and-run crash.

Our client sustained serious injuries, including a fractured skull and leg bone‚ requiring a hospital stay and months of physical rehabilitation. Seeking to hold Lammers accountable for her reckless actions‚ our client’s parents contacted Console & Associates P.C. to represent him.

Because our client had no memory of the crash, our legal team worked together with an accident reconstruction specialist to recreate the events and prove that Lammers caused the collision. With that expert evidence in hand, we also and aggressively sought to depose Lammers directly on behalf of our client. In her sworn deposition, Lammers even attempted to recant her confession of striking our client made to the police. She claimed coercion and even overt threats from authorities as reasons for her admitting to hitting the minor riding his bicycle and leaving the scene; despite the fact that she served jail time after pleading guilty to fleeing the scene.

Through diligent case preparation and a steadfast pursuit of justice, our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers were able to obtain a settlement that both compensates our client for his injuries and serves as a punishment to Lammers for her reckless behavior. Today‚ our client has made a remarkable recovery‚ and is back playing the sports he loves while preparing to head off to college.