Falsely Diagnosed With Cancer – Can I Sue?

If you underwent unnecessary cancer treatments, you could have a multimillion-dollar case. Most cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits involve the failure to diagnose cancer. The patient has cancer, but the doctor misses the signs or attributes them to some other condition. But a shocking number of Americans have the opposite experience – and it causes them a great deal of suffering. How False Cancer Diagnoses Occur In general, misdiagnoses are alarmingly common. About one in 20 adult patients in the U.S. is… Read More

Learn about the types of accidents that most commonly injure children – and how you can protect your child’s health and legal rights. Childhood is a time of wonder, of curiosity, of exploring and learning about the world. But the world can be a dangerous place, especially when individuals act carelessly. The most common accidents that harm children include: Dog bites Defective products Dangerous premises Motor vehicle crashes Doctor’s errors Dog Bites Serious injuries from dog bites don’t happen a… Read More

Find out what you need to know about your legal rights after losing a loved one in a fatal accident – including how to pursue a wrongful death case. Accidents can be devastating. For some unfortunate victims, there is no recovery. There is only loss and – for their surviving loved ones – grief. Unintentional injury is the fourth leading cause of death in the nation, claiming 130,557 lives every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported.… Read More

Here’s what you need to know before you decide you can’t afford an attorney. It’s no secret that an accident takes a toll on your finances. But if you’re letting your financial situation stop you from hiring a lawyer, you could be making a big mistake. Not only will an accident lawyer help you get more money for your claim, but hiring an attorney won’t add to your financial troubles. No-Win, No-Fee Attorneys What if you could get a lawyer… Read More

Find out who pays for which costs when an accident occurs. Accidents are expensive. Every expense, from the price of medical treatments to the cost of missing work, can add up to create a huge financial burden. This is your guide to who pays for what damages in the aftermath of an accident. Insurance Coverage for Accident Claims In most accident cases, it’s an insurance company – not an individual – who pays for the damages. For a car accident… Read More

Find out what you have to do – and what you should never do – when it comes to dealing with an insurance company after an accident. When you’re in a car accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, dealing with an insurance company becomes a necessary hassle. But how you handle these interactions can have huge consequences. You need to know what rights and legal duties you have after an accident. Fail to notify the right insurers promptly, and you… Read More

What you need to know about cerebral accidents and failure to diagnose stroke cases If a doctor said that you or a loved one experienced a cerebrovascular accident, you might be confused. It’s very possible that you weren’t in an accident – the kind you usually think of, anyway – at all. No car crash, no workplace injury, no fall. Just sudden and worrying symptoms that had your family rushing to the emergency room. “Cerebrovascular accident” is a medical term… Read More

This is everything you need to know about no-fault accident laws and what they mean for your case. If you live in a state like New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you’re familiar with the words “no-fault” – but you might not know what they really mean. Most people don’t – unless they’ve had to deal with an accident in the past. Our experienced personal injury lawyers break down for you: What no-fault means Which accidents are considered no-fault How no-fault laws… Read More

Most accidents result from negligence – but who’s at fault isn’t always clear right away. Find out some examples of preventable accidents and what to do if you think your injury was avoidable. How many times have you heard the phrase, “just an accident”? The words often imply that no one is at fault. No one meant for it to happen. It’s just an accident. But when that accident has changed your life, that phrase just an accident isn’t good… Read More

Find out everything you need to know about dealing with a work injury, from when to report it to when you need a workers’ comp attorney. If you’ve just been in a work accident for the first time, you might feel disoriented – not only by the injuries you suffered, but by the confusing workers’ compensation process. You’re not sure what you’re supposed to do next. Let us guide you through some work injury basics. What Counts as a Work… Read More

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