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Posted On April 12, 2012 Car Accident Lawyer,Firm News

15 Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know About Car Accidents

Car accidents are such commonplace in our society that many just write them off as a fact of life. It is true that accidents can happen, but more times than not it was someone’s carelessness that led to the crash. Most motor vehicle accidents could have been avoided if it were not for the other driver’s negligence, and in this instance you should contact experienced car accident lawyers in Philadelphia.

While we know a lot about car accidents and the impact they can have on our life, some of the statistics are shocking. In addition to that, the growth and development of the auto industry over the years is surprising as today it would be hard for us to imagine cars any other way. Check out these 15 facts that you didn’t know about car accidents.

  1. Until 1973, some car transmissions took whale oil.
  2. Each day an estimated 135,000,000 cars are on the roads in the U.S.
  3. The first speeding ticket was issued in 1904—the speedster was travelling at an astounding 12 miles per hour.
  4. 40% of all fatal accidents involve alcohol.
  5. It is estimated that a motorist will curse 32,000 times in their life while operating a car or truck.
  6. The first car used a lever not a steering wheel to direct the car.
  7. The windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson before Henry Ford’s Model A was even manufactured. Her window cleaning device became standard on all automobiles in America in 1916.
  8. The majority of car accidents occur within 3 miles of the driver’s home.
  9. Each year approximately 15 pedestrian students are killed by school buses—most often these accidents occur after school is out.
  10. Vehicle rollovers are the most deadly type of car accidents.
  11. According to various research, men cause twice as many accidents as women.
  12. Teens are at a much higher risk of being injured or killed in car accidents. Each year 300,000 are injured and 5,000 are killed on average.
  13. When you talk on a cell phone while driving you are increasing your chance of being in an accident by 400%.
  14. The average text message takes 4.6 seconds to write and send. While driving that would take your eyes off the road long enough to drive the length of a football field blind if you are travelling at 55 miles per hour.
  15. In the time it took you to read this list there have been four car accidents. Statistics show that car accidents that involve injury occur every 14 seconds and every 12 minutes a car accident will be fatal.

car accident damage

Car accidents are the most deadly as well as the most common type of personal injury. These crashes can result in serious physical harm which in turn can significantly impact your life. If you were injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation.

Should you choose to pursue a personal injury claim, contact the Pennsylvania car accident attorneys at Console & Associates P.C. Call us today at (866) 778-5500 and speak with one of our lawyers today.