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Posted On July 23, 2019 Auto Injury,Case Studies

Multi-Level Neck Fusion – $610,000

Sitting in traffic on a rainy afternoon can be enough of an issue without being involved in an accident. On a rainy March day‚ our client was stopped in traffic on Route 73 near the entrance to the New Jersey Turnpike. Suddenly she was struck violently from the rear‚ causing serious damage to her car and even more serious physical damage to her.

Because the roads were damp from the day’s rain‚ drivers needed to use added caution as it takes longer for their car to come to a full stop. The other driver should have taken more care when approaching a well-known‚ high traffic area like that, but instead of stopping, they hit our client at approximately 30 miles per hour.

Following the accident, our client went to the hospital complaining of knee and neck pain as well as pain radiating in her leg and buttocks. Her condition got markedly worse as days and weeks passed from the date of the accident. Through extensive medical treatment and testing by numerous doctors‚ it was found that she had suffered two herniations in her neck with radiating pain into her arms and hands‚ two lower back herniations with pain radiating into the legs and feet‚ post-concussive syndrome‚ issues with impingement on the arteries leading to her brain‚ compression of her spinal cord‚ and a host of psychological impacts.

Her neck herniations and decreased blood flow to her brain that resulted from them were causing her vision to flicker whenever she attempted to move her neck. She was also experiencing vertigo with dizziness and nausea when her neck moved. Her doctors decided that the best course of treatment would be for her to have surgery on her neck to stabilize the spine and release the pressure the herniations were having on her spinal cord and arteries. She underwent a very painful‚ multi-level fusion to her neck. That is when she turned to our firm to handle her case.

We knew the most important thing was getting her proper treatment. We ensured that all of her symptoms were treated by some of the best professionals in their fields. Through our vigorous legal work, we were able to win her $610‚000 for her injuries she sustained in this accident.