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Posted On June 6, 2011 Personal Injury

5 Inventions That Make Driving Safer Than Ever

Safe driving can help you avoid scheduling an appointment with an auto accident attorney. However, safe driving isn’t always easy – which is why car companies are always adding new features to keep drivers and their passengers safe. Here are five inventions that have made driving safer than ever:

  1. Windshield wipers. Mary Anderson invented windshield wipers and patented her device in 1903. While other inventors had come up with devices that would clean windshields, hers was the first one to work. It operated from the inside of the vehicle, helping people to drive even in inclement weather.
  2. Power steering. Because cars, trucks and other vehicles are so heavy, they require lots of force behind the steering wheel. Power steering works by removing much of the force needed to steer a vehicle. It allows people to steer quickly and efficiently without requiring a large amount of power.
  3. Seatbelts. Seat belts protect the wearer from many dangers of car crashes. They prevent passengers from being thrown from the car, and also help keep them in place in order for the airbags to be effective. Seat belts can also help reduce the “third impact” – organs hitting the skull or ribcage.
  4. Airbags. Airbags help keep passengers safe in the event of a crash by reducing the chance that people will hit a sharp or hard object in the car, such as the steering wheel. They were introduced in the 1970s, but did not see widespread usage until the 1990s. Air bags have saved many people from making an appointment with NJ car accident lawyers.
  5. All-wheel drive. A vehicle with all-wheel drive, or AWD, may be easier to control than a car without it. AWD refers to a car that can be driven both on pavement and in off-road situations. Its most important feature, however, is traction stability – when one wheel spins out of control, the brakes apply to all four wheels, helping you stay safe in slippery conditions.

A car equipped with safety equipment can help you avoid a call to a car accident lawyer. Of course, safety equipment isn’t foolproof – you can still be hurt seriously in a car crash. If you or a family member has been injured or killed, you should see an auto accident attorney immediately. Scheduling an appointment with the lawyers at Console & Associates P.C. could help you get everything you’re entitled to.