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Posted On April 21, 2016 Car Accident Lawyer,Firm News

5 Things to Do After a Crash Involving an Uber Car

Do you know the 5 things you must do after a collision with an Uber car?

If you don’t take the right steps after a car accident – any car accident – you could hurt your chances of getting life back to normal. A misstep could prevent you from ever getting what you deserve in a personal injury claim or even making the best possible physical recovery. In a crash with an Uber vehicle, the situation is much more complicated – and the stakes can be much higher.

Here are the 5 steps you need to take right away after an Uber car accident.

1. Document the collision with the police


A crash that seems minor at first can still cause serious injuries. But if you don’t call the police and document the accident with an official report when the collision happens, you might later have a hard time proving that the accident happened the way you said it did – or at all.

Even if the property damage seems minor, even if you think you’re only suffering a couple of mild aches and pains, call 911 after an accident. If you’re the passenger, insist that the driver stop and call, or make the call yourself.

When the police arrive, be sure that you’re providing accurate information. Don’t be afraid to pause for a minute if necessary to get your thoughts together – the shock of an accident can make it difficult to communicate what you really mean.

Make sure you mention any pain or discomfort you’re feeling, no matter how minor it may seem, to the police so it can be documented in the accident report. You would be surprised how many car accident injuries take hours, days, or even weeks to present the full extent of their symptoms.

2. Get the right medical care right away

Your health is, without question, the most important thing after an accident. It’s important that you see a doctor right away – whether at the emergency room or your physician’s office. If your injuries seem at all serious, don’t take any chances – get medical attention immediately.

Keep in mind that your primary physician might not be willing or able to treat you after a car accident. The sooner you begin seeking medical treatment, the better you will be able to deal with any problems that arise.

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Finding medical care after an accident isn’t always as easy as it should be. If you need help locating a qualified doctor in your area who has experience treating injuries that arise from accidents, let us know. We can do the legwork to find a physician for you.

Medical billing after an accident is complicated. Who is responsible for the medical expenses depends on a lot of factors, like whether or not you have auto insurance of your own and what choices you (or another party involved) made when setting up that policy.

Don’t let the billing questions stand in the way of getting necessary medical treatment. See a doctor now – then we’ll figure out and explain the insurance coverage for your specific situation.

3. Gather as much evidence as you can

When you’re hurt and in shock, collecting evidence might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s important to document the facts of the accident as thoroughly as possible.

Take photos of the crash scene, including the damage to the cars and the placement of the vehicles after the impact. If you have visible injuries, photograph those, too. Be sure to get the other driver’s contact and insurance information, and make a note – mental or on paper – of the make and model of the car.

4. Let your own auto insurance company know about the accident, if you have one – but be careful

Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are no-fault states, which means it’s your own auto insurance carrier who pays for the medical bills that arise from a car accident. Yes, even when the accident isn’t your fault. Even when you weren’t the one driving. Even if your car wasn’t involved in the collision at all.

Since paying for the medical expenses is legally your own insurer’s responsibility – and to get that process started – you need to notify your auto insurance company about the collision.

What you don’t need to do, though, is go into detail about matters like fault, your injuries, or your medical care. You don’t need to give a recorded statement. All the insurance company needs to know at this time is that you were in an accident and that you need to open your medical claim. Once you have an experienced Uber car accident lawyer on your side, he or she will handle the rest.

Be especially careful about giving information to the other insurance companies involved in the claim – Uber’s or a driver’s personal auto insurer. You don’t have a contract or agreement with this company, and you’re not obligated to give them information.

Past victims of Uber accidents have reported that the ridesharing company’s insurer reached out to them upon learning of the accident to ask for a statement – one that you don’t have to give. Your best bet is to get an Uber auto accident lawyer involved in your case early on and let him or her worry about dealing with these other insurers.

5. Hire an experienced Uber accident attorney

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are still fairly new – so much so that many states are still trying to figure out how (and even whether) to regulate them. So you may not find a lawyer who has already handled hundreds of claims involving Uber car accidents.

But what you should look for is an attorney with decades of experience handling car accident claims, from the most general to the most complicated.

A lawyer who has won high-value cases involving commercial vehicle crashes will already have insight into the challenges that can creep up in a case with multiple defendants and insurers – and how to solve those challenges so you still get the most money possible for your claim.

Ideally, you want a lawyer who works on motor vehicle accident cases every single day – someone who has thousands of successful cases under their belt, who can reliably tell you what to expect. Our attorneys, for example, handle personal injury cases exclusively, and motor vehicle accidents make up the majority of what we do.

If your attorney knows enough about the difficulties victims face after car accidents that he or she is willing to help you with getting your car fixed, getting your medical bills paid, and getting your outstanding medical debts reduced, even better.

Finding the right lawyer to handle your Uber accident claim doesn’t have to be a hassle – and it doesn’t have to cost you anything upfront. Call (856) 778-5500 today for your free case review.