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Personal Injury | October 15, 2020

What to Do After a Car Accident That Isn’t Your Fault

Take These Eight Steps to Protect Your Right to Compensation

The Future Of Crash Evidence Digital Imaging Technology And Car Accident Claims

A car accident can leave you shaken up and unsure of what to do next. You did not cause the accident, but between your injuries and your financial losses, you may need to take care of a lot of things.

What should you do after a car accident that you did not cause?

Make sure you take

Personal Injury | October 14, 2020

Who Is Responsible for Injuries Received in a Bus Accident?

NJ Bus Accident LawyersBus accidents, although not the most common type of accident, have the potential to cause massive carnage. Unlike almost every other kind of vehicle, the occupants of buses are not required to wear safety belts. Thus, when a bus accident occurs, bus passengers get tossed around the interior of the bus, often sustaining very serious injuries.

While the number of bus accidents has gone down over recent

Personal Injury | October 14, 2020

Glen Mills Lawsuit Update: More Suits Filed, More Horrific Tales of Abuse

Abuse and NeglectMore current and former students of a youth detention center in Glen Mills, PA,  are coming forward with their own stories of appalling abuse.

They join the hundreds of students, each with their own shattering tales of assault, who are already suing the institution for abuse that allegedly occurred over a period of more than 40 years.

The horrors that are claimed to have occurred over the

Personal Injury | October 13, 2020

The Most Common Causes of Collision

Car Accident Lawyer Rear End Collision

Traffic accidents happen hundreds of thousands of times per year across the country. They are so widespread and common that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the nation’s public health agency, treats motor vehicle safety as one of its primary concerns. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in the United States and a major source of patients in U.S. hospital emergency rooms.

Personal Injury | October 11, 2020

Speeding is a Factor in at Least 25 Percent of Fatal Traffic Accidents

Car accident statisticsFatal traffic accidents on New Jersey roads kill between five and six hundred people every year. National studies suggest that, in 27 percent of fatal traffic accidents, the unsafe speed of a vehicle involved constituted the principal cause of the crash. In many more crashes, unsafe speed likely plays at least a contributing role.

Every fatal traffic accident causes profound grief and suffering. When the crash happened

Personal Injury | October 9, 2020

Personal Injury Protection Benefits

Car Accident Lawyer Injury Medical Bills

When you’re seriously injured in an auto accident, medical treatment is central to your recovery. You may need emergency procedures, surgery, and inpatient care. While you don’t want to think about the costs, you need to pay for the procedures that allow you to heal.

That’s what makes Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage so important. It pays for your treatment so you won’t have to worry about

Personal Injury | October 7, 2020

October 2020 Talc Lawsuit Update: Johnson & Johnson Agrees to Pay $100 Million Settlement

October 2020 Talc Lawsuit Update: Johnson & Johnson Agrees to Pay $100 Million SettlementA massive nine-figure settlement isn’t the end of lawsuits for global health and consumer products manufacturer Johnson & Johnson – far from it.

Facing almost 20,000 lawsuits by women who blame talcum powder for causing cancer – and their families – manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has agreed to settle 1,000 of these cases in bulk.

The payout? A whopping $100 million.

For these plaintiffs, it’s about time

Accident Tips & Prevention | October 7, 2020

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Car Accident Lawyer Calling For Help After Accident

Putting a dollar amount on your car accident claim is not an easy task. Several factors influence its value, and settlement negotiations usually focus on reaching an agreement about the value of your car accident claim. The at-fault driver, their insurance carrier, and their legal team will probably assess your claim’s value much lower than you and your attorney will.

Although most car accident claims settle long

Personal Injury | October 5, 2020

Head-On Truck Collisions: What You Need to Know

Truck Accident Lawyer

A head-on truck collision can occur in the blink of an eye. Big trucks take up a huge amount of space on the road and, as a result, can drift out of their assigned lane without warning, making it difficult for other drivers to avoid them.

Do you know what to do after a head-on truck collision? What should you expect in the aftermath? What causes head-on

Personal Injury | October 3, 2020

Find an Accident Lawyer to Avoid These Common Mistakes After an Auto Accident

Car Accident LawyerAn auto accident can result in painful injuries, some of which might be permanent. Fortunately, you can file an insurance claim, and may even have grounds to bring a car accident lawsuit to help offset costs like medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. Yet, the decisions and steps you take in the minutes, hours, and days after your auto accident can impact your eligibility

Personal Injury | September 24, 2020

The 8 Most Common Car Accident Injuries and What to Do About Them

car accident lawyer in new jerseyCar accidents cause damage. The most obvious and visible damage is the destruction that your vehicle can sustain during the collision. But car accidents also cause damage to your body that may not be immediately visible. If you have been injured in a collision, our experienced car accident lawyers can help advise you on how best to handle your injuries.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation reported

Accident Tips & Prevention | September 22, 2020

What to Do When the Insurance Company Calls After an Accident

What to Do When the Insurance Company Calls After an AccidentBeing involved in a serious accident can be an incredibly traumatic experience. Accident victims must deal with what is often a lengthy physical recovery, all while worrying about being unable to work and the resulting decrease in income. On top of that, accident victims often miss out on spending time with loved ones and pursuing the activities they used to enjoy. Accident victims may be able to

Personal Injury | September 17, 2020

The Serious Injuries Most Car Accident Victims Overlook

What Car Accident Injuries Could be Missed?

The serious injuries most car accident victims overlookCar accidents are random events you don’t expect. After the crash, you may feel numb because of the shock to your system. Some injuries may be obvious, but you might not be aware of all the harm you suffered. The lawyers of Console & Associates have helped thousands of seriously injured clients. Many of their injuries weren’t apparent right after

Personal Injury | September 17, 2020

Sideswipe Collision Accidents

sideswipe accident lawyer in new jerseyWe may associate sideswipe collision accidents with relatively minor vehicle damage like scrapes, dents, and missing trim. Most of us do not think of these collisions as potentially catastrophic and deadly incidents, but some are.

Side-to-side collisions between vehicles can lead to horrific crashes that leave victims seriously or fatally injured. In this blog post, we explore these accidents in detail and describe the ways you can

Personal Injury | September 10, 2020

Fighting for Road Rage Victims

car accident lawyer in new jerseyNearly all of us have witnessed an incident of road rage. It’s scary to see. Whether out of frustration, stress, or anger, road raging drivers lose their tempers and use their cars as a way to vent their emotions. They speed. They tailgate. They honk. They race. They flash their lights. They try to run other vehicles off the road.

Road rage is illegal, and its victims