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Personal Injury | September 17, 2020

The Serious Injuries Most Car Accident Victims Overlook

What Car Accident Injuries Could be Missed?

The serious injuries most car accident victims overlookCar accidents are random events you don’t expect. After the crash, you may feel numb because of the shock to your system. Some injuries may be obvious, but you might not be aware of all the harm you suffered. The lawyers of Console & Associates have helped thousands of seriously injured clients. Many of their injuries weren’t apparent right after

Personal Injury | September 17, 2020

Sideswipe Collision Accidents

sideswipe accident lawyer in new jerseyWe may associate sideswipe collision accidents with relatively minor vehicle damage like scrapes, dents, and missing trim. Most of us do not think of these collisions as potentially catastrophic and deadly incidents, but some are.

Side-to-side collisions between vehicles can lead to horrific crashes that leave victims seriously or fatally injured. In this blog post, we explore these accidents in detail and describe the ways you can

Personal Injury | September 10, 2020

Fighting for Road Rage Victims

car accident lawyer in new jerseyNearly all of us have witnessed an incident of road rage. It’s scary to see. Whether out of frustration, stress, or anger, road raging drivers lose their tempers and use their cars as a way to vent their emotions. They speed. They tailgate. They honk. They race. They flash their lights. They try to run other vehicles off the road.

Road rage is illegal, and its victims

Personal Injury | September 8, 2020

Representing Victims of Reckless Driving

car accident lawyer in new jerseyWe have all shared the road with drivers who drove too fast, ignored red lights, or tailgated. These actions can easily lead to catastrophic and deadly traffic accidents.

Victims of crashes caused by reckless driving deserve compensation for their injuries and losses. An experienced car accident injury lawyer can obtain that money for them. In this blog post, we explore reckless driving and how a car accident

Personal Injury | September 4, 2020

Wearing Your Seatbelt Could Save Your Life and Your Personal Injury Claim

car accident lawyer in new jerseyThe first seatbelts began appearing in cars in the 1950s. However, it was not until 1968 that all vehicles in the United States were required to come standard with seatbelts. Since then, seat belts have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Despite the known safety benefits of seatbelts, drivers and passengers routinely fail to buckle up, placing them at an increased risk of severe injury or death. 

Personal Injury | September 1, 2020

How Much You Can Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

car accident settlement lawyer in new jerseyPeople who suffer injuries in car accidents can contend with significant financial strain in addition to the injuries themselves. Even if their insurance pays for some of their expenses from getting hurt in a crash, they often end up with stacks of medical bills and other invoices they can’t afford, while also needing to take time off work to recover.

The law entitles many car accident victims

Personal Injury | August 25, 2020

Can a Car Accident Victim Sue a Vehicle Manufacturer if an Airbag Fails to Deploy?

Can a Car Accident Victim Sue a Vehicle Manufacturer if an Airbag Fails to Deploy?While the number of cars on the road has steadily increased over the past several decades, the rate of fatal accidents has gone down significantly. In large part, this decrease is due to advancements in life-saving technology, most notably, airbags.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), between 1987 and 2017, airbags saved over 50,000 lives. Of course, airbags are only effective when they work

Personal Injury | August 24, 2020

How Truck Driver Fatigue Contributes to Accidents

How Truck Driver Fatigue Contributes to Accidents Console and Associates, P.CWhile most motorists already know about the risks of driving under the influence, another form of unsafe driving behavior is less understood: drowsy driving. Drowsy or fatigued driving by any driver can substantially increase the risk of an accident.

Unfortunately, thanks to the size and weight of the commercial vehicles they operate, truck driver fatigue can increase the risk of serious injury. Worse, all too many truck

Personal Injury | August 21, 2020

Sharing the Road Safely With Semi Trucks

Nine Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Accidents

Sharing the Road Safely With Semi Trucks Console and Associates, P.C

While semi trucks provide the vital service of moving goods across the country, when operated negligently they can also pose a substantial danger to other drivers around them.

Eighteen or more wheels and 400 to 600 horsepower. Semi trucks have large blind spots. They weigh a great deal—up to 40 tons of weight—which means they need more

Personal Injury | August 19, 2020

Hit by an Uninsured Motorist? What You Should Know

Getting hit by an uninsured motorist can leave you with a lot of questions. Can you still get compensation for your injuries? Should you hire a car accident attorney following an accident with an uninsured motorist? What should you do after your accident?

Unfortunately, about 13 percent of drivers do not carry auto insurance even though they drive regularly. They choose not to carry insurance due to

Personal Injury | August 17, 2020

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Richard P. Console Jr.After a severe accident, it’s normal to have questions. What will your recovery look like? When and how can you return to work despite your injuries? What do you need to do next?

“Do I need a personal injury attorney?” however, is one of the most important questions many people will ask following an accident. The answer, almost always, is yes. The sooner you hire one, the

Personal Injury | August 11, 2020

2020 Console & Associates Legal Scholarship

University of Minnesota Law School Student Wins 2020 Console & Associates Legal ScholarshipUniversity of Minnesota Law School Student Wins 2020 Console & Associates Legal Scholarship

Cedar Weyker loves reading, summer mornings, and her dog, Daisy. Her other enduring passion: human rights policy. We’re proud to name this University of Minnesota Law School student and aspiring immigration lawyer the winner of our 2020 legal scholarship.

An Altruistic Ambition for Her Legal Career

Weyker, born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, knows

Personal Injury | August 10, 2020

If someone is in a car crash, how do they know if they need a lawyer?

Many people who have been injured in an accident have expressed that the crash- although painful and frightening- is just the beginning. After that, there are hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, and physical therapy to deal with. Adjusting to life after the accident is complicated by ongoing pain and a seemingly ever-growing stack of medical bills, overshadowed by a sense of unease about what the insurance company is

Auto Injury | July 21, 2020

What should I do after a hit and run collision?

hit and run collisionMotor vehicle accidents are never a pleasant experience, but they can reach a whole new level of frustration and difficulty should the other driver decide to leave the scene of the collision. Drivers involved in a collision in which a person has been injured or property damaged are legally required to return to the scene of the accident as soon, and as safely, as they can.


Personal Injury | July 1, 2020

What Does the Public Really Think of Lawsuits?

Lawsuits are what make the legal world go ‘round. Without some form of legal proceeding that allows you to pursue some form of recourse for mistakes and misdeeds, it would be hard to get people and corporations to do the right thing after something goes wrong.

But when it comes to lawsuits, there’s no question that these professional matters can quickly become personal. No matter what side