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Posted On January 30, 2018 Slip and Fall Lawyer

Retail Slip & Fall at Wawa

If you expect Wawa just to hand over the money you deserve after a slip-and-fall accident, you’ll be disappointed. We’ve seen firsthand what kind of treatment you can expect: coverage denials, victim-blaming, even unfounded insinuations of fraud, not to mention getting the runaround from your own insurance company.

The last thing you need right now when you’re putting all your efforts toward getting better is to face this adversity at every turn. So don’t. Let the New Jersey slip-and-fall lawyers at Console and Associates take on this burden for you. We are leading personal injury attorneys in New Jersey and have more than 25 years of experience practicing personal injury law, including resolving the claims of multiple slip-and-fall cases at New Jersey Wawa stores. Call today, and let us fight for you!

Whether your slip-and-fall happened inside the store, in the parking lot, or near the gas station, you had the right to expect a safe environment. Photo Credit: Flickr (Creative Commons license).

What Our Experience Taught Us about Wawa Slip-and-Fall Claims

We know you don’t want to make this whole ordeal any bigger or more complicated than it needs to be. If you’re like many of the clients we’ve helped, you might even think that by handling the situation yourself, you can keep it simple. Unfortunately, you’re only helping Wawa and its insurers. No matter what they say, they’re not looking for a fair resolution to your problem; they’re looking out for their own bottom line.

But you might never realize this until you get a letter or phone call like the ones our clients got.

In one case we handled, a woman tripped over a broken curb as she approached the store, fracturing her elbow. Soon enough, Wawa’s insurer tried to deny any responsibility for the accident. Instead, the insurance company blamed the victim, even though evidence showed the convenience store had known about the defect for some time. Luckily, this victim didn’t buy into Wawa’s interpretation. And neither did we.

At another New Jersey Wawa, a loyal customer fell and fractured an elbow when she stepped out of her car and into a deep, unexpected pothole in the convenience store’s parking lot. She filled out an incident report and tried to go about her life, even with her serious injury. But as she discovered, the insurer wasn’t about to play fair. It overwhelmed her with paperwork to fill out, demands for her private medical information, and, the final straw, a letter about insurance fraud. Infuriated that an insurer would imply that she was committing fraud just because she wanted her medical bills paid, she realized that having a lawyer’s help was the only way to make sure she wouldn’t be bullied or taken advantage of.

And then there’s the Wawa slip-and-fall victim whose own insurance companies passed responsibility for the bills back and forth, making him jump through hoops just trying to get his bills paid. The unfortunate truth is that throughout this whole process, no one is really on your side, no one except your attorney, that is.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

Do I Have a Slip-and-Fall Case Against Wawa?

How can you know if you, like these clients, have a slip-and-fall case to pursue?

Your Damages

When you pursue a slip-and-fall claim or lawsuit, you’re seeking compensation for your damages, or the things you have lost. Some of those damages are economical and easy to quantify, things like the medical expenses you paid out of pocket and any money you lost out on while out of work with your injuries. Others are harder to calculate, things like the pain and suffering you experienced and how any long-term injuries will affect your life in the future.

You probably don’t know all of your damages yet. That’s okay. We’ll help you figure them out. Our attorneys can calculate your economic and non-economic damages to find out what you deserve, and we’ll fight to get you the compensation your injuries demand.

Wawa’s Liability

To have a slip-and-fall case, you also have to show liability. You must prove that Wawa caused your slip-and-fall by creating or allowing a safety hazard on the property to put your safety at risk.

Some examples of slip-and-fall safety hazards at Wawa include:

  • Icy parking lots and walkways
  • Potholes, uneven pavement, and cracked curbs in the parking lot
  • Wet or slick patches of the floor in entryways, aisles, and checkout lanes
  • Spills in food and drink ordering and pickup locations.

To prove that Wawa was negligent and caused your injuries, you’ll need evidence, video surveillance footage, photographs of the dangerous condition, witness statements, documentation in an incident report. You might not know where or how to gather all of this evidence, but don’t worry. We can take care of that.

Even if Wawa’s insurer or risk management team has blamed you for the accident, you may still have a case. After all, who’s to say Wawa’s interpretation is right? We recovered tens of thousands of dollars for a victim who, according to Wawa, didn’t have a case. So don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion, a reliable legal opinion from an experienced New Jersey slip-and-fall lawyer.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

Recovering From Your Wawa Slip-and-Fall

Recovering from an injury is tough. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re in so much pain. The longer your recovery takes, the more frustrating it can be. The stress of dealing with Wawa and its insurance company is distracting at best, depressing at worst.

Don’t let Wawa or an insurer discourage you right when you most need to focus on feeling better. Once you put your claim in our hands, our New Jersey slip-and-fall lawyers will take care of everything, the paperwork, the phone calls, even making sure the bills are paid. We want you to concentrate solely on recovery, so you can get better faster.

At Console and Associates, we hate to see innocent people like you get taken advantage of. You didn’t cause this. You don’t deserve this. And neither Wawa nor its insurers should be treating you like this, giving you the runaround, passing the blame, making you feel guilty when all you want is what’s fair.

We’ve resolved claims against Wawa before, and we can do it again. The consultation is always free, so call (856) 778-5500 today to get started.