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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Slip and Fall – Cervical Myelopathy – $265,000

Injuries in the workplace can be devastating‚ and navigating the sometimes confusing world where personal injury claims overlap with worker’s compensation can be intimidating—but there are skilled attorneys who can help.

Our client was working as a deliveryman, and he was required to make transport to a restaurant in Lindenwold‚ New Jersey. As part of the delivery to this particular location‚ he needed to bring the order down a steep and narrow flight of stairs through a storm door to the basement. On a typical day, when a shipment was scheduled to arrive, an employee would open the doors and secure them back by means of a hook and eye mechanism.

Our client was operating a hand truck to deliver kegs of beer into the basement‚ when he began his descent with one hand on the trolley and one on the wall in front of him. He only made it down a few steps when the basement doors came loose‚ striking our client and sending him careening down the remaining stairs. As a result‚ he sustained serious injury to his neck‚ back‚ shoulders and head including a herniated disk in his neck and cervical myelopathy (compression of the spinal cord in the neck).

While treating with doctors, it was determined that he would no longer be able to perform the work of a physical nature. He would need a sedentary‚ light-duty position—his employer could not provide that type of position; therefore, he was let go. He was forced to take a position that paid half as much as he had been making as the deliveryman.

By aggressively and skillfully pursuing our client’s right to full and proper compensation, our New Jersey slip and fall attorneys were able to obtain an award of $265‚000.