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Posted On July 19, 2019 Case Studies

Fractured Ankle – $145,000

Injuries from a slip-and-fall accident take an enormous toll on the human body. The forces exerted on muscle and bone during a sudden impact can cause tears throughout the affected tissue, which may then cause problems in other areas. For example, a back injury from a fall may lead to nerve damage, which can cause burning sensations or tingle in the hands and feet. The loss of sensation can bring an active lifestyle screaming to a halt. Our client learned this fact all too well‚ because it happened to her.

As the liaison to a foreign ambassador and frequent caregiver for her grandchildren, our client never stopped moving. She regularly attended public events and charity functions even as she helped take the grandkids to school. While at one such function at a resort‚ our client was attempting to walk down an old stone staircase. Without adequate lighting‚ and no railing to steady her descent, our client unknowingly stepped into a hole in the degraded concrete. She tumbled down a full flight of stone stairs in full view of the resort’s owner and several witnesses.

Emergency medical personnel responding to the scene informed our client she was the fourth accident that day. Apparently, that staircase had developed a dangerous reputation. The fact that resort personnel did nothing to prevent people from using that staircase after even one person was hurt was outrageous and grossly negligent.

Our client sustained a fracture along her ankle extending into several bones in her foot. In extreme pain‚ surgeons had to insert a metal plate and several screws in her foot and ankle to stabilize the injury. She was unable to walk for nearly two months‚ losing the mobility her active career demanded. She was also unable to visit her 90-year-old mother, who lived in a nursing home.

The resort responsible for maintaining the staircase had ample notice that the structure was unsafe‚ yet did nothing to repair the damage or block off the staircase from further use. Our New Jersey slip and fall attorneys presented clear evidence attesting to the fact to the resort’s insurance company demanding a large settlement to compensate our client for the significant impact of her injuries. The six-figure settlement we obtained serves as much as a punishment for the resort as it does an award for our client. No business should allow hazardous conditions to remain on their property. Our lawyers pride themselves on holding such reckless establishments accountable for their behavior.