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Posted On July 23, 2019 Case Studies

Slip-and-Fall at Target in New Jersey – $400,000

When our client finished her shopping at a New Jersey Target store and walked toward the exit, she had no idea that her life was about to change. Her foot slid on a spilled liquid on the floor, and she fell, landing on her lower back. It wasn’t until after she had fallen and landed on the ground that the unfortunate shopper was close enough to smell the scent of bleach and to see the puddle of liquid that had been left unmarked by store employees.

Our client suffered serious back injuries that included multiple bulging discs in the lumbar region of her spine. She had to undergo years of treatment that included two surgeries but was still left with pain and weakness that doctors suspected to be permanent. Our client had to walk with the assistance of a walker at times. Her pain and physical limitations resulting from the accident have changed her life significantly. She can no longer perform the household chores she once did, like laundry, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning. She was even forced to stop participating in her church choir due to her difficulty climbing steps to reach the performance location.

No shopper should have to fear for their health or their quality of life when they set foot inside a local store. Retailers have an important legal duty to keep their premises safe for customers like our client, and when they don’t, those customers deserve compensation for the injuries and damages they have sustained. By fighting for this client’s rights and refusing to back down, our New Jersey slip and fall attorneys recovered $400,000 for her. The money will go a long way toward reimbursing our client for medical expenses and lost wages. Compensation really can make a difference in helping our client adjust to the changes in her health and make her quality of life as good as possible.