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Annual Events in Cherry Hill NJ

Created in the northern area of the state, Cherry Hill is located just eight miles from Philadelphia. Today, this historic city has substantially developed from its early days. Cherry Hill has some fascinating places to visit, such as the Garden State Discovery Museum, the Wine Room and the Barclay Farmstead. It has been termed one of the best locations to live and is in the top 10 of the safest areas in the United States because of various annual events that take place in the city.

Annual Events in Cherry Hill NJ


1. Cherry Hill Earth Festival

Cherry Hill Earth Festival

This is celebrated at the end of April annually. People are asked to ride their bicycles to the Croft Farm for the occasion. There are over a hundred exhibits per day, including projects made by local school children, and guests enjoying watching. Tourists learn various methods to make their areas Eco-friendly. Along with healthy foods and live entertainment, there are children activities for all to enjoy.



2. Music under the Stars

Music Under The Stars

During the Monday nights of June, July, and August, people are invited for the yearly music under the star’s concerts at the Barclay Farmstead. Performers and bands pay tributes to some of the most popular bands and artists of the country every week. Picnics are also held during this event. However, food trucks will be present.




3. Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

By mid-October yearly, this town welcomes the fall by going to the historic Croft Farm to celebrate the annual Harvest Festival. During the event, there are offerings of locally popular meals and also art shows. The location makes it possible for all families to engage in various games and other activities.



4. Books and Cultural Festival

Books And Cultural Festival

Every November, the annual Arts, Books, and Cultural Festival takes place, and it is hosted by the Katz JCC organization. Dedicated readers of all age groups are welcomed to participate in the occasion, which features various book displays on a variety of topics. Also, the event features the appearance of celebrity entertainers and best-selling authors.



5. Constitution Day

Constitution Day

The National Constitution Center honors the anniversary of the signing of the constitution of the United States in September. Residents get to enjoy a celebration that lasts for an entire day. This day also offers various fun activities, constitutional conversations with judges, and a neutralization ceremony.



6. The Snake Party

The Snake Party

Residents and visitors get to learn about the habitats and behavior of snakes on July 31. Some popular snakes will be displayed for viewers to see up-close. Those that are brave enough can go and pet some of them. A snake expert introduces viewers to the snakes and his snake friends. The expert talks about the interesting lives of the snakes and will answer all questions thrown at him.


7. PDPH Overdose Awareness and Reversal Training Pills spilling from prescription bottle

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health holds free training in March on the overdose awareness and reversal of some drugs using Narcan or naloxone. The attendees will learn about the recent state of the opioid crisis in Cherry Hill, the potential risk factors for a drug overdose, signs and symptoms of an overdose, and information about overdose reversal. For the overdose reversal, training will be offered on what it is, how it is used, and where it can be gotten from. Additional information will be shared on the medial protocol for responding to an overdose and the PA’s Standing Order for drugs Act 139.


8. Wellness Walks of Winter

Wellness Walks Of Winter

An experienced volunteer guide leads brisk walks in January. The guide will get the heart rate of participants up by sticking to paved paths. This walk promotes an understanding of the relationship between people, place, and plants through shows that integrate art, humanities, and science.




9. The City Exhibition

The City Exhibition

A free tour of the city happens on March 28. People are invited to come and learn about the dynamic, exciting, and often left out the history of Cherry Hills with a guided tour. The tour will be hosted by an exhibition curator at the Rare Book Department located on the third-floor library. It is free to attend this exhibition, but people are required to make reservations.


10. Pet Expo

Pet Expo

All pet lovers come to learn a craft and shop at the pet expo on March 9. Everything needed to know or buy to make your pet healthier and happier can be found at this expo. People willing to donate slightly used or new pet supplies are encouraged. They will later be donated to the local animal shelter in Cherry Hill.